Poor Pooch

Hello Everyone,

Today, we all went for a pub lunch, and when we had munched and drunk, we went back to the car where we saw a Great Dane dog in the back of a hatchback, looking very hot and bothered. The twerp of an owner was very annoyed to see us all looking at this poor dog, and he strode up to his car with a curled up lip. One of my sisters got a pad and pen out of her handbag and wrote down his number and make of car just for the ‘All Bran’ effect, and this seemed to do the trick, as he certainly sped up and let the poor dog out of the car. The weathermen say that it is 27` here todasy, but this twit of a man had even parked in full sun, so I dread to think of what it was like in that oven. Honestly, some people. I wouldn’t even keep a banker in there in this weather.

Keep cool peeps,


I wouldn’t even keep a banker in there in this weather

Hope the dog recovered OK it must’ve been boiling in the car

OMG, that would have been one baked dog!! Poor thing, having a dangerous owner like that! I don’t leave my dog in the car in any weather, if we have to go anywhere in this weather, all the windows are open, or the air con is on full blast, and he always has plenty water to drink when we get to where we’re going, which won’t be far. I’m in Aberdeen, I don’t know what the temperature is just now, but we’re both hiding from it in the house, it’s HOT! I feel terrible coming inside on such a lovely day, but I would feel even worse with 3rd degree sunburn.

How could anyone be so mindless as to leave a dog in a car on a hot day?!?!? And to get uppity with you guys for being concerned is just not acceptable - good on your sis for taking his number, will you report him?

Luisa x

Quite right too. Poor doggy indeed.

luv Pollx

Hello Luisa, Poll and Floopy,

I am glad that you agree with me for being amazed at how cruel that owner was. My sister won’t really report him, despite the number jotting. But I have half a mind to write a letter to our local rag, and describe the dog (which was an unusual colour) and describe the owner as “balding” - ha, ha, that should dent his ego.

Keep cool everyone! Hopefully the last day of the heatwave.

Best wishes,


This is a very common cruelty act seen so much in the animal care world… Alot of case’s you must call the police to bust the window in and get the dog out. If they are in there too long it is bad and even after a 30 mins after being freed it can take effects of heat stroke…

The owner could of been prosecuted and animal taken from them. Alot get a ban for animals for 10 years so on.

However if you confront people that can do this, you are confronting a protential killer.

So next time anyone see’s something like this it is best to call RSPCA for example and select cruelty to animals.

If they need help they will call the police.

People like this are far too common and its because they believe that animals don’t have feelings and it makes my blood boil.

Well done, livening up the tosser of an owner. Poor dog, indeed.



Poor dog and well done to your sister. Here in Australia it is illegal to leave animals and children in cars. Every summer there are reports of babies and young children dying from being left in the car. On a 30 degree day it can get up to 60 degrees in a closed car in 30 minutes… and we consider 30 degrees quite a mild day. Imagine how hot a car can get on a 45 degree day.

There is a case before the courts at the moment here in Melbourne with the mother being charged with manslaughter for leaving her infant in the car to finish her nap… poor baby died.

Mindless cruelty to leave animals and children locked in.