Polyopia anybody? Or how about a little bit of Palinopsia?

I have been experiencing an odd visual symptom from time to time where I suddenly see a whole row of copies of a bright image (today for example it was one of the front light units on a car about 10 feet in front smeared out in a long line maybe 10 or 15 long (sometimes its 20 or more copies) as I turned my head. I have been checked out by an optician and a hospital eye clinic and all refractive causes have now been ruled out. I am told by the consultant at the hospital that its occurrence is definitely beyond the eye which could be the optic nerve bundle or somewhere else in the vision areas of the brain. I have glaucoma and I know now there is a lot of glaucoma induced damage to my right eye’s optic nerve (latest assessment is more than 90 % cupping) although it is still relatively well functioning day to day; there must be amazing levels of redundancy built in. One possibility then has to be due to this damage. However, the consultant had never encountered this symptom before and he must see glaucoma damage every day, so he has asked my doc to refer me back to neurologist for an mri. Its the second bizarre visual symptom I have had in the last few years - previously well defined ring phosphenes. I am interested to know if anybody else on here has had something similar. I think the name for it is polyopia or palinopsia.