Phospenes-Flashing lights in vision, anyone else get this?

Hi ,I get flashing lights everyday in my vision. Bright electric blue, crystal white, yellow, and black spots. They get more and more just before a relapse. I’ve been getting this for 7 years. I also get a big bright white light in my left eye which is only seen in dim to dark light. Does anyone else experience this please? Many thanks

Yes I get the above. When I mentioned the black dots to me neuro he said it was due to infection. Mine come and go

Hi Christine many thanks for your reply. Can I ask do relapse as in,can’t keep awake,eyes open or anything? Like it’s attacking you and then when you come round the damage is done i.e can’t walk properly, pains ,stiffess etc? Many thanks Janey

That’s exactly how it is for unable to keep my eyes open,so fatigued,mobility issues,stiffness,pains,brain fog and more.

I was diagnosed with ppms.

Yeah, I get that from time to time too xxx

Sorry to hear you’ve both got this. I’ve been suffering all these years. Doctors have been fobbing me off. Finally got one to listen yesterday and being refered for an e.e.g and a neuro but the last one of them I saw was very demeaning and said I needed a psychiatrist xxx

Ahh So that’s what they are! Thank you

I started getting sudden momentary circular/ring phosphenes in dark/semi darkness (usually turning my head in bed)when I first started to experience a number of neurological symptoms 7 years ago. Neuro dismissed everything, including some quite odd test results. Shortly after I had a further MRI arranged by an eye clinic which found a lesion on one optic nerve, presumably the cause. I made a youtube vid so that I could explain what I was seeing. I am now no longer affected by them; they gradually faded away some years ago. Circular Phosphenes.wmv - YouTube

I get occasional flashes in my left eye. I haven’t mentioned them to my neurologist, or to the eye specialists I see every few months, but I’m sure they’re related to the optic neuritis in that eye.

Black dots can be a kind of floater and may be a symptom of uveitis. Other than that, try to get a referral to an eye specialist and have your eyes checked. There’s definitely something wrong and you need to talk to an expert in optics, which a neurologist definitely isn’t.

Thank you for all your comments and advice and the video. I am due to see the optician so will mention it all to them. I get them every day but more so just before a relapse

If the optician spots something wrong they may refer you to a specialist off their own bat, or write to your GP saying that you need a referral. Good luck.

Thank you Cheerful Dragon. I’m now currently getting facial spasms and my walking has got terrible again ? Any experience of this?

Hmmm I thought black dots were ‘floaters’ ?

Hmmm it’s telling me my last post is posted… but it’s. Not ?

Update. … went to opticians and they found nothing wrong as to why this is happening. Luckily optic nerves are ok. So I guess it must be the brain causing it. She could see that I have double vision but doesn’t know why that is either. Didn’t refer for an eye dr. So I’m in the dark still …