poly symptomatic

please can someone tell me what poly symptomatic means,i have tried googling but still lost

Polysymptomatic; Of a disease or condition involving or exhibiting many symtoms.

According to an online dictionary


thanks blossom,ive googled it and came with the same thing,could i pick your brain about 2 more things,my neuro report states,the rest of my cranial nerve examination was normal though with variable volition when testing facial power,he didnt test my face so i havent a clue what that means

and question 2…it says the mr changes are modest with 3 or 4 subcortical foci of high t2 signal,i wish these doctors would write it down in english so we all could understand it

Pick my brain anon…are you mad lol

Your first question. Did the neuro have you doing that follow my finger routine and finger to nose malarky…it could be that he’s referring to. he said it’s normal anyway, so that’s good.

Secondly. I’ve no idea but Rizzo as done a good ‘sticky post’ on the brain, so that might be worth reading.

I’m sorry, I can’t be more helpful. Hopefully someone else might pop along and answer your question.


blossom,yes he done that routine finger to nosething i forgot about that,its the part where it says NORMAL THOUGH WITH VARIABLE VOLITION WHEN TESTING FACIAL POWER what has got me baffled,i do have problems with my eye and face,when i close my right eye it feels like it doesnt close and i’m getting alot of pain in my eyeball and behind the eye and it also feels like ive got worms crawling around my eyelids and the top of my cheekbone

i have tried reading rizzos sticky post many times but its just abit too complicated for me, think its time i gave up googling all my symptoms and just try and wait untill i get diagnosed

I would definitely stop googling.

I know it’s easy for me to say, being a qualified nurse but I always ask doctors for explanations at appointments. There is nothing worse then coming away from an appointment with unanswered questions, it just increases anxiety.

Please don’t don’t think I’m having a go at you because I’m definitely not, I just feel frustrated for you.

Have you got a neuro appointment coming up?


If I’m honest, it’s bit complicated for me too…that’s our secret Lol…Oooops

i’m waiting for hospital admission where he is going to do eye tests,lumber puncture,cfs analysis and us carotid doppler…the letter has just came through and says it could be a 2 month wait,but it also says it could be sooner rather than later,ive proberly got worms cos theres something crawling around me body lol

Good luck with the tests Mick. I hope they finally give you some answers. It’s unusual to be admitted for tests but good to get it all over in one go. Let us know how you get on. :slight_smile: