Help with medical jargon please?

Hey guys, Hope all is well. I just got my MRI results back today from the hospital but don’t quite understand the letter but the good news is MS has been ruled out.

It says on the letter “this gentleman suffers from benign symptoms in the absense of an underlying organic neurological disorder” - does this mean there is a neurological condition present but they don’t know what?

The neurologist thought I had benign fasciculation syndrome which was also ruled out which I expected.

Thanks in advance

It looks like very good news. They think there is no neurological disease that is causing your symptoms but that it is benign. Looks as if they are saying it is benign fasciculations. But by far the best is to talk with your GP about it and get them to interpret all the information you have received.

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Hello James
I agree with Ziola (although I believe she knows way more than me about MRIs). The ‘absence’ of a neurological disorder implies that they are very sure there is no known or unknown condition.

‘Benign’ in this regard means not harmful. But the presence of symptoms, benign or not (& btw, I hate that word, benign implies nice or inoffensive which they are probably not) means you perhaps still have ongoing symptoms which you could discuss with your GP.


Thank you’s for your replies. That has eased my mind a bit. I will definitely get in touch with the doctor and get them to go through it with me. Confused about the fasciculations though as the last letter I got specifically ruled that out. They are probably my latest symptom and I’m not able to lay on my left side because of it because of the weakness in my face. Most of the symptoms are laying dormant just now but sometimes they can be debilitating and I have a huge list of them so a little confusing

Just thought I’d leave an update, spoke to my doctor this morning and he confirmed what you guys have said but left me feeling rather frustrated after asking where do we go from here? And he replied “Nowhere, there is nothing showing on your bloods or MRI so there is no tumor, stroke or MS, they are benign so just stop worrying and get on with your life” I was like well that’s easier said than done when you have symptoms the length of your arm and he was like “everyone gets symptoms, they will go away”

Just feel like they believe everything is all in my head which I’ve had to deal with all my life. It is great everything came back clear but frustrating at the same time because i still have no answers and feel no closer to getting them but nobody seems to take me seriously

Hi James

Just had a thought, have you heard of Functional Neurological Disorder? (What Is FND - FND Hope International ) Looking at the FND website, it seems that many symptoms resembling MS are ultimately diagnosed as being FND.

Worth considering? Maybe if you look into it, you could contact the neurologist again and see if there’s any mileage in following it up?


Hey Sue,

Sorry for the late reply, I will definitely look into it.

I’ve started a symptom diary so hopefully can stick to it religiously until I can find someone who is willing to investigate further