Hi All,

Please forgive me for not opening the bar on Sat night,but i do have an excuse.

Last Wed night had to go into hospital with a chest infection,and a UTI infection,it was like peeing razorblades.My Nero said that this was a Pseudo-relapse.All my MS problems seemed to wake up at the same time.

So they sent me home last night with a course of antibiotics,and they seem to be helping.

So all being well,we will just have to make it this Sat night.

Pollx says she would like Adie to cut the ribbon on Sat night,he is a black medical driver,and he must have made a lasting impresion on Pollx,But you could pick anyone else that you like.

Till then,Take Care.



Hi, just to clarify.....Adie is a paralympic..........didn`t know he is a medical driver as well! he also did a tv endurance series, where he and other disabled folk climbed a mountain! Some fella!

luv Pollx

Really hope you're beginning to feel better, sounds horrid. But to be honest we helped ourselves to the bar anyway! thumbsup

Hi Chris, hope you are feeling a bit better now!


Hi Chris,

Do hope the antibiotics are doing their job and you are feeling better.

Mine's a gin and tonic please.............................haven't had one in years so should get drunk very quick!!!

Janet x 

Hi All,

Feeling better today, than i did yesterday.[stopped peeing razerblades thankfully]

Dabc, it is pay back time you owe my nothing [going soft in my old age]

Janet you are my kind of woman,cheep to take out.[typical scotsman short arms and deep pockets]

Pollx sorry for my confusion remember who he is now.

Cheryl,one in the till for you.

Hope to see you all Sat.

Take Care.