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Morning Guys

These sneaky sunny mornings in bonny Bridlington keep nudging me awake early. Saying get up blossom yah lazy woman!

Yesterday reminded me how much poetry touches a spot within a person that can bring comfort and calm Sometimes it can help answer questions question and give hope.

So each day I will try an remember to search for uplifting poems/verses that some may find helpful.

lovely blossom.

i’d love to contribute to this thread but the only ones i can remember are cheeky.

so here’s one told to me by my nephew when he started nursery

"tarzan in the jungle

got belly ache

looking for the toilet

PPtth too late".

the other ones are downright filthy.

carole xx

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You are contributing carole. We are chatting

PS: cute poem



the last line of this little piggy going wee wee wee all the way home really resonates with me.

it’s always that last minute of the journey home especially the key in lock, hold on a minute, turn the key just hold on one more minute, hold on another minute, 3 steps from the top of the stairs and…

carole x

Love reading poems, I am absolutely rubbish at them though, these are great.


carole, I am crying with laughing here

Write down a few words #2 in your quiet moments, that come from your heart. That to me is poetry

Hi Blossom

i apologise if I come across as a miserable curmudgeon but I hate that poem. I had a very precious Hermes scarf with just that sentiment (Carpa diem) but I found it mocked my life so I had to sell it.

i would love to seize the day but with the best will in the world it never seems to happen. My daughter is pregnant and very sick at the moment. Knowing I had run out of bread and that she was visiting first thing I got up early to make some scones so that she could have something plain to eat. Getting up is as far as I got. My mind was willing to seize the day but the thought of the simple task of weighing and mixing was just too much so I had a second cup of coffee instead.

much of my life is like that - I want to do things, I know that I should but finding the energy to do them is another thing altogether. I don’t like living with failure, it makes you miserable so I have cast off seizing the day and aim for something a bit more realistic


Here I reline this sunny morning

Looking out of my window at the blue of the sky

Gulls and sparrows fly past, enjoying the freedom of the skies

I wish I could fly!

It’s what I’m doing now lol…is it poetry

HI Jane

‘curmudgeon’ love that word

We can’t all like the same poems Jane but hopefully I will post something you do like.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope things improve for her soon. I too have a daughter who has put me through some health scares so I can empathise with you.


This will probably be the best I will ever come up with:-

A poet I am not

So the internet I got

I took a look

and forgot the book

A poet I am not

Lol, pretty rubbish eh!

I like it.

Never sell yourself short woman

I once made up a ‘Limerick’ for my niece about 10 years ago, which she found hysterical, but she was only 5 at the time, can’t remember it now, but it took me hours, that was when I had a brain!! My next one may take about a week!!


why not write about being a miserable curmudgeon?

there are loads of opportunities and you’ll be laughing your head off, you miserable curmudgeon!

carole x


loads o sweets and sugared jellies

oot the poke and into oor bellies

help who’s this?

its ma mither

before she comes i’ll hae anither!

written by me age 8! i won a food hamper and was in paper with local poet, ah the memories

That’s lovely Ellie, very clever for a 8 year old.

Are you Scottish? What does ‘oot the poke’ mean…the sweet bag…yes?


yes out the small paper bag


I’ve noticed that I can hold on for ages and the moment I decide to go to the loo, it becomes a race to get there in time. Running with crossed legs ain’t easy you know!!!


hickory dickory dock

three mice ran up the clock

the clock struck one… and the other two got away with minor injuries