Poems to share 2

Good moaning! as Officer Crabtree used to say in 'Allo 'Allo!

To me, this morning, these words mean calm down Noreen, take it easy girl. No point rushing around getting yourself all worked up. Rushing will slow you down and stress you out.

The end result will happen.

I have a blood test at 11:30, trying to figure out how to have my 3 cuppas, a shower, porridge and my daily morning fix of you guys

What do the words mean to you…inspire me!

I wish I was a glow worm

A glow worm’s never glum

'Cos how can you be grumpy

When the sun shines out your bum?


By Mary Dow Brine (1816-1913)

Full of moods, and full of pranks,

Who on earth can trust thy face?

Thy promises, however fair,

Thou dost at any time forswear,

Spite of all thine artless grace.

Blue thine eyes, and bright thy face.

What of that? Thou art not true!

Smiles one moment, tears the next;

One day pleased, the other–vexed:

No one knows what thou wilt do.

Oh, we know thee thro’ and thro’,

Wayward, saucy child of Spring!

Thy very birth makes fools of men.

And all throughout thy careless reign,

Cloud and sunshine dost thou bring.

I love April, it is my favourite month. Cos it’s my birthday and I will be in Rome this year

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I love that one. Always makes me smile


good poem

enjoy rome when it’s your birthday.

are you counting down the days?

34 gerrups to rome

33 gerrups to rome

32 gerrups to rome

it will drive everybody nuts!

carole xx

Evening all!!, thanks for the poems, they have cheered me up, it was needed.

Back later


These words say to me - it doesn’t matter what you do, people will think you’re crazy. You chase a butterfly - all they see is a mad woman running round a field screaming at something (if anything) or the same strange woman sitting in a field doing nothing but giggling (when butterfly arrives but they can’t see it).

So now when people tell me I’m weird I’ll just tell them I waiting for my butterfly!!!

thanks hun hehehe

JBK xx

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love this

19 gerrups

Would I drive everyone nuts


Chuckling away here





Thanks #1, am soooo tired, first day back at work, feeling a bit emotional, pure fatigue. xx

Poetry To Soothe Your Mind

I listen to the sound of the breaking waves

Smell the salt tang in the air

I watch the graceful seagulls

Ride the thermals way up there

No sound of human voice

No strident car alarms

I sit in natures solitude

Enraptured by her charms

The sea reflects the sinking sun

In hues of red and gold

I’ll never tire of such sights

Though I grow very and old

The first gleam of the evening star appears

In the ever growing dark

And the golden crescent of the moon

Begins her journey through the night

No words of mine can best describe natures perfect charm

This is peace, a perfect peace

Tranquility and calm

For you cherrylips #2

Author unknown x

Thanks #1, lovely poem, can just imagine myself sitting on a quiet warm night watching the waves.

ooh yes. i can imagine it too only mine is near a beach bar and i’m sipping a cocktail with a little umbrella in it.

with some gorgeous hunk of man-stuff cooling you with a giant palm leaf before giving you a nice cooling foot-rub (i’m easily pleased and I have pain in my feet) hehe

JBK xx

Could easily get there in a few minutes from where I live, the only problem is it faces the North Sea (in the north east of England) and its freezing!!! Will dream about it being summer though.

I love April too. It’s my birthday month too and its capricious nature, described perfectly in this poem, sums me up as well. I’ll be 50 this year (where did the years go ) but I’m not growing old gracefully, ha ha. I’ll be out trying to dance with friends that night . I was born on Easter Sunday and that’s my excuse for being such a chocoholic . It’s not my fault I was born surrounded by the stuff …

I was born day after April fools day-answers a lot of questions about me

I always had Easter eggs bought and love chocolate

If I pull Rome off, I will be there again next year-God willing, for my 60th. I have told friends/family if you get me any cards with 60, they will stay in the envelope so don’t waste your money