Poem to start the week xx

Finally feel the meds working. Time for my bed

hee-hee, isn’t that dangerously like that banned wotsit?! hide…


I grew up living near the countryside Wendy, it’s just a happy spring poem

Happy Monday

We have a viewing on the flat this afternoon by the couple that should have come Saturday. It’s their second viewing-have I already told you that? whatever!

The weather is overcast in Bonny Bridlington and the seagulls are swooping about about merrily in the sky


A poem for Cat lovers

I like this one - I wish I was a glow worm

A glow worms never glum

How can you be unhappy

When the sun shines out your bum! :sunny:

What l wrote myself,

l’m desperate for a wild affair!

But - l haven’t got the right underwear.

Black,satin & lacey bits,

Won’t do much to hide my old tum and tits.

Sixty is definitely the new forty

Why else would l be feeling so naughty.

Out there must be the man of my dreams.

Kind and loving of independent means.

With all of his marbles-own teeth and hair!

l’m all set and ready for a wild affair.

Very impressive Spacejacket - I like it

I love it spacejacket-FABULOUS


Like the avatar JBK

l have a couple of friends who often write a poem or ode in birthday cards. lf l do one that is a bit risque - l make the very rude word look as if it has run off the page - so you have to think what might rhymed with the last word on the previous line.

Most of mine would not get past the mods - l am afraid. - Pam Ayres - crossed with Catherine Tate.