Plodding along wishing I could change things

Hi everyone, just wanted to say that I’ve finally managed to start coping with anxiety thanks to CBT , it’s taken a few years in total and a particularly bad last twelve months. I still feel down about being overweight and absolutely nothing I do makes any difference, hope you all don’t think I’m pathetic moaning like this when it could be so much worse. Just can’t give up hope that whilst I’m still mobile and know I would be happier losing weight, I need to keep trying. Need to lose three stone, have joined gym and swim or walk everyday that fatigue doesn’t stop me, have joined slimming world and really do eat a healthy diet, take ten mg amitryptilline daily and have two or three glasses of wine most evenings. Am about to give up my last pleasure , alcohol, would really appreciate any advice or ideas.

Hello Wanda,

Whenever I see a post like yours it reminds me of the following poem:-

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I

cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.

It’s good to know you are helping yourself now, I wish you luck.



Good for you!

Rather than go from 2-3 glasses of wine to nothing (which is bound to be difficult and a little depressing and possibly end up failing) start by having spritzers. Get some diet lemonade or fizzy water and add it to wine to reduce the alcohol rather than give up at once.

Then, start putting lime cordial or elderflower with your lemonade or water instead of the wine - add a lime or lemon slice, couple cubes of ice and you’ve got a lovely drink in replace of the wine.

Sounds great - I should take my own advice lol!!


went to c MS nurse,she told me off for plodding on,she said there is nothing we do about the illnesas,but we can help the symptoms,she is sending me to neuro physio, to the doc to get tablets to help with tremor and continnence nurse to help with baldder,all of which annoyed me,but I was plodding on,sometimes there is help out there that can help ur life style,we just need a kick up the hind end sometimes,infact a nurse popped into the ms drop in centre,to c if aanyone had mouth problems,ie tablets giving u furry tounge dry mouth etc,and she helped a few people,its just knowing wots out there

I agree with the earlier post about diluting the wine - try to cut down rather than cut out. There’s a lot of calories in wine, maybe that’ll help with your weight? Not sure if there’s anything else you can do that you’re not doing already.

Good luck,

Luisa x

Hello Wanda,

Isn’t it depressing not being able to shift our extra weight? I am really pleased (and relieved) that I have managed to shift this now, and the thing I found the most useful was to just drastically cut down on carbs. Because of the MS I just can’t do as much, and even when I did used to walk for miles, I still didn’t loose it, but me removing nearly all the carbohydrate in my diet has paid dividends, and I can still eat plenty of other things that I like. I am tee total though, and I know that alcohol can really cause problems.

Good luck with this,



Well done on losing 3 stone! I dont drink alcohol but am aware, as others have said, that there is many calories in it.

The following is something that helped me…instead of focussing on losing weight, then focus on the weight that you want to be. What you focus on is what you will get. (I am aware that some will consider this newage claptrap-so be it! Just trying to offer a different view-that worked for me!)

I lost 2 stone by doing this-said things like, I love being *insert amount that is half a stone less than u are at the moment. Saying an unrelalistic amount will just dishearten you and gives you opportrunity to beat yourself up and say, see I couldnt do it! A sensible diet and exercise regime helps of course…

Our mind plays tricks with us all the time so I prefer to turn the tables and show it who is really Boss!

Just a suggestion…

Ellie x

PS My opening line was deliberate! You will see why

E x

Thanx all of you, feel more confident to carry on trying now, perhaps have more realistic aims and def cut the wine down to one gass per day, will let u all know how it goes. Appreciate your help. X