Please read - inspirational MS article

Could you all please take a few minutes to read this article i have wrote about Ms and my disability. It may inspire some of you, i hope it will. Could you also share and like on your facebook page please. Thanks. Lee Jimmy Fishwick.

Good to read what you are doing to stay fit Lee. I am older than you, 52 and I shadow box to stay active. Cant do the road work though. It is difficult to know how hard to push yourself, I do 30 minute sessions twice a day, more than that wipes me out. We all have to put our destiny in our own hands.


Thanks! I read your blog and yes, it is inspirational. I’ve never heard of that particular form of Thai martial arts.

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ps have you ever seen (I think it’s spelled like this ) Tacraw sepatu - it’s a type of Asian badminton, but played with the feet and a palm frond ball. It’s really cool. I have no idea how they do the kicks.

Sorry, I do not find it inspirational at all - just commercial!

It is a blog about combat sports, which has several people writing for it, of whom Lee Fishwick happens to be one. The purpose of the blog seems to be to sell “click-through” advertising.

So, Lee, you have had MS for nine years, but you only join this forum right after your first(?) piece is put on the blog - right?

You start from a wheelchair - move on to a very active pastime - and still use a Blue Badge?

Inspirational is - to me - someone like rizzo - who has done a lot more since her Dx, and starting when somewhat older. This does include reaching the top of one particular Martial Art, picking up a Degree or two (and using them to help a lot of people here) and raising a family.

If the Moderators find this a personal attack, then so be it - but I am just using material that you have published.



So glad that you have found a ‘discipline/sport’ that helps you. l am a firm believer that we should try to do some form of exercise daily. lf you don’t use it - you lose it - is a very true adage. l have had ms for 30yrs and have kept ‘moving’ as much as possible.

l do have 3 exercise machines - a Health Rider/Eliptical Trainer/ Powerplate. So even though l cannot walk unaided l still can do some form of exercise. l also love Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi - l think a lot depends how active a person you were prior to ms. l was and apart from working/playing hard l walked my dogs everyday and also rode my horse. l competed in Endurance Horse Trials and was very successful. Still take the dogs out - but now it is with me on my Tramper. But l did get out on my horse this week - and managed a good cross-country hack with a friend. After any form of exercise l always feel so much better - l find it invigorates me not tiring. l do take LDN- and this does help.

All the best Lee



I found it very awe-inspiring. Find it good to read about people who stay very active while battling ms.

Sorry for the hostile response you have had, but too me it was a great read and i for one feel better for reading it.

So thankyou


Thanks for info, I try to stay active, I love swimming and after a day at work, then looking after my children I have to push myself to go for a swim once a week. But when I do its the best feeling ever, I feel free in the water and very proud of myself . Hope x