Please please please help me

I have had an MRI for something completely unrelated to MS two weeks ago and yesterday got given the attached ‘results’ summary and sent away to wait for an appointment with a Neurologist.

"No significant abnormality has been demonstrated in the posterior fossa or in the neck. However, there are multiple foci of increased signal in the brain and this may well represent an inflammatory condition such as multiple sclerosis"

I am going out of my mind with worry and really don’t know what to do or think. Does this mean I have MS? I don’t have any symptoms that I can really say are anything like the MS ones.

If anyone can offer me any help or thoughts I would be so very grateful.

Thank you so much

Hi AAR2370 It doesn’t say that you have MS, but that you need to see the neurologist. That it needs to be looked in to If you start looking at Dr Google you may start to say I have that this other not a good thing. A lot of people here will tell you same. Have a look on this site and talk to people here if you are worried. You may be just at the start and haven’t had got many legions so no symptoms, but the first thing you need to do is see the neurologist they are the only person who can say whether you have MS and it takes time to get an appointment if they think it’s quite serious they will get you one sooner. I had an MRI because my eye doctor told me he wanted to check something this was in July, in August I had the MRI, saw the neurologistin October who wanted me to have a blood test and lumber puncture then the dreaded letter, which said that I had white matter changes one like demyelinating disease you can look that up and you find MS as on of the more common of the many diseases that there is. There is many symptoms of MS that are the same as other illnesses and different people have different symptoms. So it’s really hard to say for sure if you have it. This is why the neurologist is so busy (and you have to wait so long) that they have to rule out all the other things first. So rant if you want, ask lots of questions, talk to lots of different people. If one person can’t help you someone else will. Kay

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What a shocker. I can’t imagine getting results like that all of a sudden.

As Kay said, it can’t be diagnosed as MS until and unless a neurologist says it is. So it’s a case of seeing the neuro to find out what they think when s/he examines you as well as reviewing the MRI.

Whatever you do, don’t react by googling the symptoms of MS. Or scare yourself stupid by looking at worst case scenarios. It is entirely possible that the increased signal patches on your brain scan are not due to MS.

What you could do is contact the hospitals appointments team and ask them if they have received the referral to a neurologist and how long that is likely to take to come through. If it’s too long, see your GP and ask if they will send an ‘urgent’ referral / request an expedited appointment for you.

It’s a bit much to have news like that and then have to wait. I think you should get an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible in order to get the information straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Try not to worry about the possibility of MS. At this moment, you do not have MS. So don’t panic. You can keep messaging us here, we do understand the fear of MS and will do all we can to support you.


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Thank you for your calm and meassured responses as you will gather I’m not anywhere near calm and measured at the moment!!! I appreciate your feedback and thoughts and will stay on this site rather than Dr Google. Thank you again x

Hi AAR2370,

My experience is very similar to yours, this all came as a shock to me in the New Year and as my username suggests Im very scared! Im slightly ahead of you as in Ive seen a Neurologist following an MRI for what was thought to be a trapped nerve, it wasnt but the Neurologist has put things a little more into perspective. He said although MS has been mentioned by my Doctor, I have to realise that I may not have it either and there are loads of other diseases and conditions that need to be ruled out first and until other tests are done I have to try not to worry. Hard I know! I have an area of ‘probable’ demyleination on my C2 that he says must be investigated. I suppose Im lucky its come to light as if it is MS then hopefully I will recieve the treatments available now.

For the first few weeks I felt like my world had come crashing down around me but now Im in limboland and just a waiting game now for blood test results and a further MRI. Ive kind of come to terms with if it is then theres nothing I can do about it, so I will have to just deal with it. I realise if I do get diagnosed it will still come as a massive shock! I am one of those who look on the worse case scenario and anything better is a bonus kind of person, so at the moment Im trying hard not to let it take over my life.

As Ssssue and Kayrb have said… and also my Neurologist Dr Google is not good! I googled what the MRI said as I didnt have a clue what it meant and it scared me senseless, which is how I ended up here. I also then had every symptom going, I dont seem to remember having them before googling. I know its hard but please try not to Google. The people on here are very supportive and if they can help you, they will.

Take care and I really hope everything is ok x

It was the letter that started all this off, before that I was fine, well not fine but for the last few years I have had a lot of ill health and hospital stays. With a lot of strange symptoms which I put down as my illnesses. Now some of them are the same as MS. I won’t bore you with it, I will just say they are both autoimmune diseases as is MS. I have medication that I take every day for the rest of my life and I have to have a special diet as well. I miss bread, well my homemade bread.:frowning:


Honestly i am spitting feathers over this. I didn’t think they could write this anymore like that. I mean it just makes some people fall apart. The report should simply say abnormalities found which will be discussed at appointment with neurologist.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. OK i had a private MRI referred by neuro way back in 2006 as i wanted to know why i was ill and get back to work. In them days you got the old fashioned films big ones lol and the waiting list for MRI back then could be six months.

On my report it said similar : there are multiple high signal foci seen in the deep white matter of the brain which could be suggestive of a demylinating event. Under this he had wrote HOWEVER, I FEEL THIS IS MORE LIKELY DOWN TO THE FACT THE PATIENT WAS BORN IN 1951.

Flipping cheek lol. My neuro did say to me, ah well these can be down to age and high blood pressure, and other inflammatory diseases like, lymes, lupus, and he rattled off a few other things. so he said they had to do further spinal MRI and VEP tests. So dont get too worried. AND SHAME on your PCP for allowing such scary report to be sent to a laymen.

I appreciate all your thoughts and feelings. I am such a worrier and currently feel that this is taking over my every thought. However, I am trying to remain calm and coming back to this post is really helping me. Thank you for all taking the time to reply x

Thank you for your thoughts and for taking the time to reply. I am still very anxious but will come back here for help and support and really try to avoid Dr Google.

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