MRI help?

Morning. I’m being investigated for ms and have had many tests done. My letter from neuro arrived yesterday and I can’t get my head round it. Two areas of increased signal which are in no way indicative of MS. I thought increased signal is what MS was all about. I’m so confused. Does anyone know what this means?


If you really need to understand what the neurologist wrote you can read “A brief beginner’s guide to the brain and MRI” at the Everyday Living section of the Forum.

Or you can simply ask your neuro for a layman’s explanation at your next appointment.

I take the view that unless a letter says, “Please contact your GP immediately” at the top then it’s nothing to worry about.

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Do you have a follow up appointment with the neurologist in which s/he could explain what is meant by the MRI results?

I don’t think any of us could say for definite that this means you don’t have MS - although the neurologist seems to be saying that from what you’ve said about the letter.

I think there are specific areas of the brain which the neurologist looks at, and if the signal is increased in some areas, it can indicate MS, and if they are elsewhere, then it’s not.

But do look at the Beginners Guide to the Brain if you want to pick this apart on your own. Otherwise, you could see your GP, or see the neurologist for an explanation.