Neurologists letter about mri


I think based on my letter I will be waiting a bit longer to find out exactly what’s going on. Excruciating stuff!

Was secretly hoping for MRI then BOOM normal or not! Not to be (as everyone here understands though don’t know why I thought mine be any different)

I received my letter from neurologist today that says the 'radiologist has commented on some areas of hyperintensity in your brain which seem to be unusual for your age - I’m 33 - (in a right posterior supraventricular and anterior septocallosal junction of your brain). Therefore I will ask my colleague to review your scan to check if these areas are non-specific or possibly due to demyelination. I will also request an mri scan of your lumbar/sacral region in order to evaluate your symptoms a little better.

so that’s that, no further forward I don’t think?

I wonder if these dodgy areas are in places expected in possible ms? Any thought, opinions are appreciated.

I apologise if my questions seem pointless to everyone with experience in ms!



Hi Jen

No, not pointless. The trouble is it’s about as clear to me as it is to you. You could try wading through Rizzos Beginners Guide which is a ‘sticky’ post at the top of the page. That probably wouldn’t help that much though.

It sounds like you’re going to have to wait till after the results of the spinal MRI to get your neurologist to get off the fence.

It’s a bugger, no question about that.