MRI results, waiting for neurology referral, worried.


After years of pushing I finally got an MRI, taken 6 weeks to get my results back. I’ve been referred to a neurologist. Does this sound like it could be MS?

"Foci of 2mm signal change in the subcortical right frontal lobe and
corpus callosum. 6 mm right periventricular high FLAIR signal lesion.
No abnormality on DWI. No brainstem or cerebellar lesion.
No space-occupying lesion. No infarct. No hydrocephalus. Satisfactory
appearances of the craniocervical junction.
27/06/2023, 08:53, MRI Spine Cervical:
Vertebral body heights and alignment are preserved. Normal marrow
signal. Normal cord signal. No cord lesion."

I’ve linked my symptoms from a previous post I made for context…

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Sorry, no idea: too many long words for me. Maybe a phone consult with your GP to talk you through it?

Like Alison100 I’ve no real idea. As you will have seen, there is reference to a lesion but that could be of little concern. I suppose you could try searching online for some of the phrases but on the other hand , unless you have the knowledge and experience of fully understanding what you find, you might scare your self without cause.

I guess that if I was in your position I would start preparing for the possibility of MS ( reading through this site etc.) while hoping for the best

Probably better to have a look through this than to try Dr Google. If you are lucky enough to have a scan you have a chance to worry about it!

They can clarify things for some of us, but can just add to confusion. People with the same features on their MRI can have markedly different symptoms and people with the same symptoms can have markedly different MRIs.

I found it best to not try to understand it too much but did realise that some symptoms can come from spinal or brain lesions