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Hi everyone. I’ve just found this website, because I’ve been in google hell for the past few days. I got the following results from MRI the other day, and am now awaiting referral to a neurologist. The wait is killing me. I thought if I share my results here, perhaps some members should share their knowledge? Here goes -

Findings - Scattered non-specific small supratentorial white matter lesions with one white matter lesions within the left posterior limb of the corpus callosum. Normal size and shape of the ventricles. Normal grey and white matter differentiation. No cerebral atrophy. No extra-axial collection or space-occupying lesion. Mild periventricular white matter changes within normal limits for the patient’s age.

Conclusion - Scattered non-specific supratentorial small white matter lesions with one lesion within the left posterior limb of the corpus callosum. A small inflammatory white matter lesion cannot be ruled out due to its location within the corpus callosum.

I’m 41, female and fairly healthy and active.

Please help me make sense of this … I’m willing to give any further information that would help … xx

Wow dont understand a word but i wouldn’t im not a medical person .did you have mri because you have symptoms of ms hun .the waiting is the worst thing i reckon try not to worry hun sorry i can’t help with the mri keep me posted .

Thanks for your reply Sparky …
I had the MRI because I’ve been suffering ‘mental health’ issues for years - confusion / memory / concentration etc…

I’ve been put on meds for depression etc … for about the past 5 years but I never felt it had helped or made any difference. I know depression isn’t the diagnosis for me.

I was referred to the ‘older persons mental health doc’ because I really thought perhaps I was dealing with dementia or the like. I felt foolish going there, but was grateful the gp took me seriously and referred me.

Anyway, we had chit-chat and did a little test etc and he was quite happy to send me back to the docs with a diagnosis of ‘anxiety’.

However, a few days later, he rang me and said he’d refer me for a MRI just to dot the I’s and cross the T’s as it were.

So that MRI was Sunday week back. And my follow up appt with him was last Friday.

He hadn’t had the results of the MRI so he rang them while I was in his office and got the results I shared here.

And I am now referred to Neurologist as a result. omg.

Hi there

Think this is awful that you have been sent outcome of mri which only someone with medical/neurological knowledge would clearly and accurately be able to decipher… have you been given any indication as to a appointment date to discuss findings?

Do you have the name on the consultant who arranged mri? If so I would contact their Secretary and say you have received a letter with the outcome of mri and you are going out of your mind with worry I would imagine they would arrange for the consultant to give you a call. Really feel for you please let us know how you get on…

Best wishes x

Hi again just seen yr post to sparky 're referral . I would contact yr gp again or contact neurology dept at hospital and explain what’s happened I’m sure someone will be able to help to explain findings x

As I’ve always said we know our own bodies and know when somthing not right good luck hun xx

Thanks Sparky. I have been referred to the neurologist now, because of their findings … and am waiting to get an appointment date in the post. This waiting is horrible. Just wish I knew already so I could get my head round it.


The report is basicly saying, most of the lesion are within the norm of what can be expected, given your age etc.

The lesion in the corpus callosum is not the expected and needs further investigation.

Basicly the function of the corpus callosum is to facility communication between different parts of the brain.

The positive is you say you generally feel well.

Good luck with the neuro appointment.


I should say that it is only the way, I personally am interpreting the report. The neurologist is the person qualified to explain it fully and correctly.


Take each day at a time thats what i do worrying only makes you worse .good luck x

Just a little update …

Since I last posted, I’ve had blood tests and an ECG… Got the results today, and both are fine.

I have my neuro appt through now, that’s towards the end of August.

I’ve been referred back to physio (pointless) for my back / hip / pins & needles thing - that goes right down my left side, to my foot, whenever I walk anywhere. Well, I say pointless, but they are the people who can get me referred for a bone scan… I worry it’s my spine, you see. I also have pain in the shoulers / top of the spine as well.

Oh who knows eh.