I need help to understand my MRI report?

MRI Head: Axial T2, FLAIR, DWI, sagittal T1, T2.
No previous imaging of the neuraxis.
There are numerous white matter abnormalities predominately
periventricular in both frontal and parietal lobes; majority
lie perpendicular to the ventricles. Further lesion lies i
in both temporal lobes.
Subtle signal abnormality is present within the anterior and
mid body of the corpus callosum. No abnormal T2 signal
demonstrated in the brainstem or cerebellum.
Suggestion of abnormal high T2 signal in the upper cervical
cord, particularly on sagittal imaging but formal assessment
of the cervical spine has not been performed. No restricted
diffusion. No intravenous contrast was given.
No parenchymal mass lesion or haemorrhage. Normal
craniocervical junction. Modest deaeration of the mastoid
air cells. Paranasal sinuses are well-aerated.
Conclusion: Multiple, predominately periventricular white
matter abnormalities are consistent with inflammatory
demyelination. Neurology referral is recommended.

I’m not a doctor but I think what this is saying is that you have lesions in your periventricular as well as in your frontal and parietal lobes. There may be a lesion in your corpus callosum and there may be a lesion in your upper spinal cord (but they didn’t image your upper spinal cord). They don’t know which lesions are active because they didn’t inject the chemical that they use to test this.

Hope this helps

Hi dave28,

Thank you for your reply. i had an nero appointment on 20th june no MRI scans to view!!! dr said after carrying tests and noting down my medical history and symstoms he said i need to refer you to MS Clinic. I have an appointment booked to see Dr Lily Neuro at the MS Clinic in Oct but since then I have manage to book a private appt with the same dr in August as my legs are wobbly and headaches been going on for 8 weeks (losing the will to life) but the private clinic would like to see me with my MRI images which if I request them will take upto 40 days so not sure whether to cancel the private appointment as not sure if I will get the images to me on time or not left in a limbo. Local gp unable to request as ive gone private if I request the images can take up to 40 days gods know what to do? :frowning:

I don’t know about getting the scans to take the the private clinic but with bad headaches I’d go to the GP and demand appropriate drugs. You shouldn’t be left suffering.

I was able to get my private scans on the day. Cost me about £20 to get them (but that was 6 years ago). Have had 2 MRIs since but they were on the NHS so didn’t get them…but from what the Neuro said there was no change from the first one.

Good Morning Vithfari & Dave28,

Thank you for your reply my gp is not prepared to give me any drugs untill i’ve seen a neurologist so once again stuck… On a good note I’ve manage to speak to Dr Lily this morning who has confirmed no need to worry /stress about the MRI scans as he will able to get hold off them on computer screen. THANK GOD my prays were answered as i’ve been stressing not able to get hold off the MRI Scans before 23rd Aug… I’m a happy bunny :-).

I’m quite nervous about the appointment! Not sure what to expect when I see Dr Lily?