What's going on in my brain?!

I’m 31 and could be considered having symptoms for a few years, predominantly dizzy/disequilibrium but with difficulty getting my words out. I’ve ignored the problem, mainly because I had a pregnancy with resolution of symptoms and afterwards thought it was baby brain.

Now I’ve had the results of a private MRI,

“Impression: There are non specific white matter lesions seen in subcortical frontal and right posterior
periventricular white matter, however these lesions are not typical for demyelination. No lesion seen
in the corpus callosum or cerebellar peduncles.”

It doesn’t appear as classic MS lesions and needs further investigation for which I know I will be waiting weeks and weeks and now I’m terrified of what could be going on. I’ve got a GP appt tomorrow what do I need to ask for? I should have gone through the NHS the first time but I thought the scan would show nothing and I’d be reassured.
Any help much appreciated x

“these lesions are not typical for demyelination” suggests it may not be MS though there are many variants.

So you’ve had a MRI done privately. Did you commission that yourself? What medical professionals have you spoken with so far? GP’s won’t generally attempt a Neurological diagnosis and will merely refer you to a Neurologist, so most of all, you need to take your scan results (on a CD?) to your GP and get them to forward it to Neurology Dept and either seek an opinion or gt an appointment with them.

Best of luck with your outcome :+1: