A confused start Abnormal MRI

Well, I have looked at forums like this for a while, feeling encouraged and reassured that if I was to have a diagnosis that you are all here. But, I admit, until now I never thought I would be posting and be part of it. And here I am desperately seeking some way to explain and accept what is going on.

Hi Everyone.

I am a healthy 32, my dad had MS and I spent years in between thinking of my good health as blessed and worried about it thinking of it as ‘ticking away’ .

A few months ago I was struck with extreme fatigue and the feeling of my legs giving away, I had sensations like cold water being poured down my left side and felt overly sensitive to touch- and then this dissapeared. My family assured me my experiences were nothing, so I sought medical advice and again was assured ‘we don’t think its you with MS’

But I got an MRI. Today I was invited back for a ‘nothing urgent’ MRI result that they told me was routine. When I arrived I saw a locum and the doctor had not even looked at my case notes, so I was able to read them over her shoulder and pick up frightening phrases like abnormal for her age and disease on the finding. I didn’t find out much from her but what I did deduce was something in my brain is mis functioning and it looks as if my nerve ending are wearing out faster than they should be- but there is no mylenation they described white spots on my smaller blood vessels.

I want some honesty here and some of your experiences if you you feel able to share, am I on a road to MS and if I am what is next?

Thankyou for reading this xx

hi ejalla

talk to your GP because he/she will have had a letter with your mri results.

your doctor may be able to reassure you or at least request further information.

if you have a firm diagnosis of ms, the next steps should be to allocate an ms nurse to you and offer one of the DMDs.

try not to overthink things,

it could be any one of a range of illnesses which are less serious than ms.

learn how to meditate, it has been a lifesaver for me.

carole x

Hello Ejalla

If there is no sign of demyelination on your MRI, then it’s not MS. Although by the sound of it, there is something not quite right, and you should probably try to find out what the MRI report actually means. Having said that, they doctors don’t seem too worried, so whatever is wrong is hopefully not too serious.

Did you have this ‘nothing urgent MRI result’ appointment with a neurologist or with your GP? Which ever it was, I should try to see the other. So if you had the appointment with a neurologist, then perhaps when your GP gets a written report they can explain what it means. Alternatively, if the appointment was with your GP, you could try for a follow up appointment with a neurologist to get a fuller picture.

You should of course at some point get a written explanation, the copy of the letter which would be sent to your GP. This might make things clearer. If you haven’t had it yet, try phoning the neurologists secretary and asking for something in writing form the neuro.

They definitely don’t seem to consider the MRI showed anything serious up, so try your best not to worry too much. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do. But try.

Good luck