Please help!

Hello, i’ve just received a letter with my brain mri results. It says it revealed a number of lesions in a periventruclar distribution with an additional lesions in the right medulla. No enhancing leisons.

The lesion in the right medulla is really bad isnt it?

Can anyone explain this or let me know how bad it is?

I’m going out of my mind, i’m so upset :frowning:

The rest of the letter says the scan revealed some inflammation indicating I may be at risk of problems in the future and that it is important to consider further investigation in order to determine whether you are eligible to start at dmd.

Hello Louelle

It’s unfair to get a letter before a personal appointment in which you can get complete answers from the neurologist.

I think it’s beyond most of us to try to work out the results from your letter. As far as I understand it the presence of lesions in the brain is likely to get you an MS diagnosis. I reason that out from the fact that the letter says about eligibility to start a DMD.

What you could do is try for an urgent appointment with your GP to have their take on the letter.

Subsequently, at least you don’t have long to wait for your appointment with the neurologist (1st October?)

Meanwhile, try not to get in a panic about it. There’s nothing you can do in the short term to affect anything. You were expecting to possibly get a diagnosis of MS. Just not in this unfeeling and unkind way.

And it does seem particularly unkind to just get a copy letter that you just can’t possibly begin to understand.

I hope you have family or friends about who can sympathise with you, treat you especially kindly and look after you.

Let us know how you’re feeling and keep us informed as to what happens next.


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well louelle

you have my sympathy for having ms and you have my admiration for how well you have taken it.

pop back here if any problems arise because most of us want to help.

i was very positive about my diagnosis (in 2010).

still fairly positive because what else is there?

be a miserable whingebag so nobody wants to be with me?

nope, crack a smile, go out and face the world.

go girl!!

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Hello well exactly. What else is there other than be positive because at the end of the day we are all still here! I don’t know maybe I’m just shocked and I’ll feel devastated another day but I’m just happy and grateful to be starting the medication, the not knowing and the fear is worse than the diagnosis from my experience so far! Thank you and for this wonderful site!

Welcome to the MS club Louelle. You have indeed taken your diagnosis in your stride. That’s actually not unusual, it’s the confirmation that there is indeed something not at all right with your body. It helps you to explain to friends and family the reasons why you’ve had odd symptoms and why you’re not always as bright and breezy as you might otherwise be.

But people typically go through a whole range of emotions after diagnosis. Once it’s sunk in, you may find yourself feeling bereft and even depressed. After all, MS is for life not just for Christmas!

If you do go through some down times, that’s when you can call on us to help. Let us know how you’re feeling, how your family are helping (or not) and whether there are questions we can help with.

Copaxone is generally one of the easiest drugs to manage. The injection is subcutaneous (just under the skin) and doesn’t hurt, or not much. Most people manage to use it without problems or side effects. The one thing I would urge is that you rotate your injection sites. It’s important for your skin.

Keep talking to us.