Please help

Hi I’ve been to the neurologist on thursday and he thinks I may have ms and is sending me for an MRI Im so scared I feel so vulnerable : ( I’m 26 and live a really healthy life and Im confused any advice guys? Thanks

Sorry didn’t mean to post this again I posted on the 10tth and couldn’t find it : / lol x

hey hun i totally feel for u,. i am also 26 and have been diagnosed for a week now… also have optic neuritis ( my 2nd relapse) whch led to me being diagnosed. i have lost my sight in my left eye but been told it wil come back but will take a while! I know wht ur going thru and am saying u wll cope with it whatever it is. If it is MS then at least u will know rather than being in limbo. like i said i have known for a week now. the first couple days i was a mess and am still v up an down. just know u have support on here and u can always talk to me if u want

ps dont think it matters that u have a healthy lifestyle…so do i and look what happened!


Hello Carlos x just wanted to say hello and welcome xxjenxxx

Hey Carlos - ms is a bummer I hope you don’t have it. But if you do you will slowly learn to accept - no choice it ain’t going away. I am 44 rrms diagnosed 28th sept 2010. Nasty symptoms bowels, bladder, fatigue - can be managed with medication. But hey no ones ms is the same so you might not get them at all. Don’t let me scare you. Important you have a good gp also very important write your questions for your neuro before your appointment - and write the answers down before you leave the appointment even if you have to ask neuro to slow down or repeat stuff -remember it is your appointment and shy barns get nowt. Hope you ok Min xx

Ps Carlos - forgot to say that I will be doing a 30 mile bike ride for charity in June - life doesn’t end Min xxx