please help - new mri don’t know what to do :(

Ok I have recently had 3 MRIs with non specific 14 lesions so my new neologigist has got me to do another one this one

Mri - findings there has been no change to scattered t2 signal hyprintense foci throughout both hemispheres these remain non specific in nature there no involvement of corpus callousness brain stem or cerebellum the cerebellum volumes are preserved there is no hydrocephalus Basel cisterns are patentorbits are normal

Comment. Stable configuration of non specific white matter lesions

My neurologist said he doesn’t need to see me again scan is not ms

What. Do I do ??? Get another opinion ???

hi melly

was you neuro an ms specialist.

(sorry my question mark key has dropped off)

see your gp and tell him of any new symptoms or worsening of old ones.

maybe your gp can help you with your question about a second opinion.

there is a post right at the top of the forum boards by a lady called rizzo who is a radiographer.

she explains mri’s in laymans terms.

carole x

Thank you :slight_smile: