MRI results

Hi, My MRI showed non specific multiple white foci t2 hypertensities (Sorry don’t know how to spell it ). What is the difference between this and small vessel disease. Also can the neurologist tell the difference just by looking at the scan or will more tests be needed. I have also had a normal nerve conduction study. Many Thanks Wilma

Hi. I just received my mri results and pretty much got the same reading. Whole brain imaging demonstrates a few small bilateral supratentorial nonenhancing T2 hyperintense foci, largest measuring up to 7 mm in the left frontal periventricular white matter and 6 mm in the right inferior frontal deep white matter, among a few smaller other scattered foci, nonspecific. Mild motion artifact. No evidence of Chiari malformation. No MRI features of recent or prior intracranial hemorrhage. A small punctate focus of susceptibility in the left globus pallidus likely reflects punctate calcification. No parenchymal diffusion abnormality suggest acute or early subacute infarction. No significant mucosal thickening in the paranasal sinuses. No evidence of mastoid effusion. Waiting for my doctor to contact me about these results. I originally had this mri due to having an ear disorder called Semi-Circular Canal Dehisence and I was having some symptoms and doctor wanted to see if I was a candidate for a craniotomy. I had been having some non-scds symptoms that have been more neurological and I had mentioned MS to my primary. Not too sure what any of this means. Now what?

Hi, Just finished reading your reply. Wish I knew what it meant LoL . My result letter was very basic just said non specific multiple white foci . No-one has explained it to me. My neurologist then arranged for me to have a nerve conduction test at a different hospital . The first I knew about it was when the appointment came through the letter box. I am having to phone my own Doctor to find out what is happening next because at no time has the neurologist been in touch with me. Feeling very frustrated. Wilma

I have no idea what any of this means either.

I guess I will just wait for the doctor who ordered it to get back to me, as patiently as possible. In the meantime, I am trying very hard NOT to contact Dr. Google.

HaHa We’ve all contacted Dr Google at some time or other.

Hi you can get most of your answers to your questions here they can tell you first hand about MS. Your right not to go to dr Google the quack has no sympathy and will scare the pants off you. I to am in limboland because I am waiting for my results of my tests and I don’t think I will find out what it is in this visit I hope I will but I am not holding my breath. Kay