mri interpretation

Hi I had a repeat mri done recently with contrast. It was noticed that there was a couple of non specific left perventicular and frontal subcortical hyperintensities which appear more of chronic small vessel ischaemia changes? There was no covncing evidence of demyelination. I am so worried what does this all mean?

I get mad really. why do they send a layman this. and just leave you to worry.

GRRRRRRR. was this requested by your neuro if so talk to them, if GP, talk to them. Its a total waste of a stamp to send this to you and only increases anxiety.

all i know is this can be a simple sign of aging, or more a small vessel issue. but something that needs explanation. so i would ring and ask them. x

I know I was expecting more of a letter than this. All I got was a few lines. It was requested by neurologist urgently suspected ms. I gather its not ms but I too am so worried now as to what it all means. I have done the dreaded thing of typing into Google and now I have convinced myself I have loads of health problems from stroke dementia surely doctors need to deal with all this better than this. Iā€™m 40 went in with headaxhes

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