doesnt know what to think!!

i had a brain scan on the 3rd of march due to me showing symptoms of ms, just been to the docs to find out the results and this is what the letter said.

it shows a few tiny scattered foci of hyperintensity involving the cerebral white matter. the aetiology of these is uncertain. i note most of these lesions appear subcortical in nature rather than periventricular and normal brain stem and cerebellum. this distribution would be against a finding of demyelination.

i have googled these terms and they do come up with ms but really doesnt understand what its saying, could anyone explain this letter to me. many thanks sharon

Hi Sharon I sure you will get more informed answers than mine but the fact that the letter says ‘this distribution would be against a finding of demyelination’ indicates that it is not MS, as MS is demyenlination. Hth, Teresa xx

thats what i thought but on a few websites its exactly what ms does so who knows, thats why im confused and may need further investigation.

thanks teresa xx