Can someone please read my mri and explain


i have been going on a ms Or not ms for about 2 years I have. 14 non specific lesions on my brain not in ms location you can see on my resent


Clinical History: Intermittent buzzing left upper limb and lower limb
(independently). Brisk knee jerk. Otherwise normal examination. For exclusion
of demyelination.


There is no cerebral mass lesion identified. No cerebral cortical signal
abnormality identified. There are several foci of high signal intensity again
seen within the cerebral white matter. There has been no increase in number
when compared with the previous MRI dated 11/11/2017. There are no specific
features. There is no lesion within the corpus callosum. Cerebral deep grey
nuclei are unremarkable. No focus of cerebral diffusion restriction is seen.

No surface collection is seen over the cerebral convexity.

No lesion seen within the brainstem or cerebellum.

No hydrocephalus.

Intracranial arterial and cerebral venous sinus flow voids are unremarkable.


No abnormality of the cervical cord is identified.

There is degenerative change at the anterior atlanto-axial articulation. There
is a small posterior osteophytic disc complex at the C5/6 level. There is some
right uncovertebral osteophyte formation at this level. Note the examination
had not been tailored for assessment of intervertebral foramina, it is difficult
to ascertain whether there is right C6 nerve root impingement. At C6/7 there is
a posterior osteophytic disc complex with some posterior annular fissuring. At
C7/T1 there is also some posterior annular fissuring identified.

No paraspinal lesion is evident.


MRI thoracic spine has been performed (I note it was not requested).

At T4/5 there is a right paracentral disc protrusion or extrusion. This abuts
the anterior aspect of the thoracic cord. There is no cord compression.
However on the sagittal STIR and sagittal and axial T2 weighted imaging, there
is the impression of some high signal intensity within the cord at this level,
suggestive of some oedema or myelomalacia.

At T7/8 there is a very small posterior protrusion which is not resulting in
cord impingement.

Apart from at the T4/5 level, the thoracic cord is unremarkable.

No paraspinal lesion evident.

Comment: Several foci of high signal intensity within the cerebral white
matter, without specific features. There has been no alteration of these
appearances when compared to 11/11/2017.

No abnormality of the cervical cord.

Some degenerative change of the thoracic spine, as described. At T4/5 there is
a small posterior disc protrusion or extrusion which abuts the thoracic cord but
does not result in cord compression. There is apparent high signal intensity
within the cord at this level on the T2 weighted and STIR sequences, suggestive
of some oedema or myelomalacia. Clinical correlation is recommended. Note that
there is apparent high signal intensity change within the spinal cord below this
level extending from approximately the T8 level inferiorly, which is thought to
be artefactual as there is no corresponding signal abnormality on the T2
weighted imaging in the sagittal or axial planes.

Thank you for your referral.

Yours sincerely

Only a neurologist can interpret your MRI. Have you got an appointment with one?. Who sent you for the MRI?

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Yes I have been seeing one for 2 years now he is a ms specialist he wants to be sure it’s not ms sending me for a Lp but Im so scared to have one :frowning:

My diagnosis of MS was based on MRI and Lumbar Puncture. My LP didn’t hurt at all. After reading all the negative reviews I was scared but it turned out for no reason.

Thank you - I am so scared about LP I am loosing sleep over it :frowning:

my mri keeps coming back with non specific lesions on my brain but my nurologist dosnt think I have ms but wants to do a Lp my symptoms are buzzing in my left leg , vision but checked by eye specialist said nothing wrong with my eyes and muscle akes in both legs. I don’t get fatigue and work full time .

Hi: Please make sure your neurologist does an MRI on your brain and spine. You can have M. S. on one or both.

Kitty - if you look on mri he has done a mri on my spine :slight_smile:

I totally can relate to the fear of LP, but the fear of it is far stronger than actually having it done.

I was terrified of the idea of it but although not a ‘pleasurable’ experience, I have no bad memories of it.

For me, the benefits of a clear diagnoses makes them really worthwhile.

fingers crossed you can get past your fear and have it done.

Thank you for your feed back I am so scared but I know I need to do this I think I have. Read to much which makes it worse :frowning:

Have a look at It explains the process and also has the statistics, 80 to 95% of people with MS have Oligoclonal bands in their cerebrospinal fluid. That is the reason why your neurologist wants it done. It seems that s/he is unconvinced by your MRI so the LP would rule MS in if you are positive for O bands. It wouldn’t automatically rule MS out if you are negative, but it would add to the neuros feeling that it’s not MS.

In terms of actually having the LP, in the majority of cases, the procedure itself doesn’t hurt. It is a weird sensation, having someone digging in your spine with a needle, but that apart, it’s not something to be unduly worried about.

One thing that is general advice now about having an LP is to make sure you stay horizontal for as long as possible afterwards, a couple of hours at least. The other thing is to fill yourself up with caffeinated drinks, especially full strength coke (take a bendy straw) the caffeine, plus the sugar helps to ward off really horrible headaches. Not everyone gets the headache regardless of the laying down / caffeine, but there’s no doubt, it can help.


Thank you so much sue you have put my mind at ease . My neologist dosnt think it is ms … well that’s what he is telling me he thinks they are not on ms location or they don’t even look like ms but I have some tingling in my left foot so he wants to do a lp which is the best thing to do to rule some things out . I have done all the other tests emg etc … they both came back normal and all my neological test balance and strength were perfect so hopefully we get some answers. Once again thank you sue for responding to my post :slight_smile:

Sue - I have my LP at 1 pm I lay on a bed after for 1 hour then I get in the car and go home ? Do I go straight to bed when I get home ? Thank you

Good luck for you LP, fingers crossed you are back posting that it was problem free. I would ask advice of the person who does it what you should do when you get home.

After mine I spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa, but at the time I was suffering from extream fatigue (I was in the middle of a relaps)

Thank you , I will ask most defently and going to my gp tomorrow to find out more information. I havnt had fatigue thank goodness but I’m planning to rest all day :wink:

Hi Melly

I’m sorry, I’ve just seen your other posts. I hope the LP was OK and that you’re resting for the afternoon now. LPs are a very strange test. I remember feeling quite low afterwards. Not that it hurt exactly, just weird.

I hope you don’t have a long wait for the results.


Hi sue

I go on Tuesday for my LP :frowning: I just want it over and done now :frowning:

Sorry, thought you meant it was today. Best of luck for Tuesday, don’t plan on doing anything else that day. Don’t forget coke and a bendy straw! And don’t worry about it. Feels weird, but that’s it. And the sooner it’s done, the sooner you’ll get some answers.


Thank you sue I’ll let you know how I go :slight_smile:

Apparently I have to be off ibuprofen and my vitamins fish currcumin and vitamin d which I took this morning would I be ok if my Lp is on Tuesday ? My gp only told me today that I needed to be off hem but she didn’t know how long before? I’m still taking the magnesium though :slight_smile:

I would think that if you stop taking Ibuprofen, magnesium and vitamins from today that will be OK for the LP. However, if you mention to the doctor at the hospital, what your GP told you, that will make everything clear.

Best wishes,