Help with diagnosis

I am looking for some advise, I’ve had the scan done around 8 years ago as I was having migraines, the neuro does not seem phased as I don’t have any symptoms, I’ve still not had any symptoms but the scan and having lesions freaks me out, surely there must be something going on, they won’t re scan me until I have any further symptoms,

what would you do, here is the findings of the mri,

The long TR sequences show multiple areas of deep white matter and subcortical white matter high signal. In particular there is a 7x4mm lesion lying under the left insular cortex. A second 7mm lesion is seen adjacent to the body of the left lateral ventricle. Multiple small lesions are seen adjacent to the body of the right lateral ventricle, but no posterior fossa lesions are seen and no corpus lesions are noted. The ventricular system and cisterns are of normal size and shape, there was no shift in the midline structures. The paranasal sinuses are clear. There is no evidence of restricted diffusion of any of these lesions. Comparison with the previous MR scan dated 29/09/09 indicates that the two large lesions seen in the left hemisphere are new. Opinion No cause for the patients headaches, however the new lesions, one subcortical and the other periventricular are added evidence of subclinical demyelination. They said as due to me not having any symptoms this is nothing to worry about, 8 years on and I’m still worried about the finding s of this scan I still don’t have any symptoms tho, can anyone give me there opinion Should I seek another opinion

‘what would you do?’

I think I’d be reasonably happy that I had no symptoms…but if you are still worrying after eight years, I think it might be best to ask your GP his/her opinion. Eight years is a very long time to worry…