Can anybody help please?

Hi All I was hoping that somebody maybe able to help me with some results I have finally had through in writing and what you can make of them. I.e being normal/abnormal etc. Mri: on the T2W axial sections, there is a fairly well defined slit like bright lesion in the right frontal lobe, lateral to the anterior body of the right lateral ventricle. This is also seen on the flair sequence. There appears to be local volume loss with alteration of the contour of the right lateral ventricle. On the flair sequence, a few smaller bright lesions are seen anterior to this lesion. No lesion is seen in the left cerebral hemisphere. There maybe a small bright T2 W lesion in the pons on the right but the appearance could be artifactual. The right frontal lesions are non specific in appearance but are more in keeping with old ischaemic change than with demyelination. L.P Simular oligoclonal bands seen in both the csf and serum Just also had a blood test which shown abnormally high c.k levels of 9000 and apparently they should be at a maximum of 170? Any help will be so much appreciated. Thank you all for your time. x

I can’t decipher the jargon for you i’m afraid, although i’m sure somebody else will.

Just wanted to tell you about a ‘sticky’ by rizzo called ‘a brief beginners guide to brain and MRI’ at the top of newly dx page. It might be able to answer some of your queries. Best of luck.


I can’t give you as detailed interpretation as Karen no doubt would, but I can tell you the crux is in the very last sentence. They are saying that although there are abnormalities, these don’t look like MS, but are more consistent with “old ischaemic change”. That could mean there has at some point been a problem with blood flow to the brain - but they don’t think it happened recently.

The “matching” o-bands in blood and serum cannot categorically rule out MS, but don’t suggest it as a diagnosis, because the hallmark they are looking for is mismatched bands (some that appear in csf but NOT in blood serum). Nevertheless, a small percentage of patients with MS don’t have this, so it’s not proof you haven’t got MS, but makes it a little bit less likely - especially in conjunction with MRI results that don’t look very like MS either.

The high ck levels were a new one on me, so I’m only going by what Google had to say, but these could be indicative of stress or injury to a muscle, including the heart - but could be any. It can also be associated with thyroid problems, and some muscular diseases.

Presumably you will be called in for a review of all this?

I don’t think you are heading for an MS diagnosis - based on this at least - but I can’t predict whether they will have enough information to say what else it might be.



Thank you both for your replies. Tina Thank you for your input its much appreciated. I am having another blood test and if the c.k levels are still abnormal I will be referred for more tests and possibly muscle biopsy! You are all so helpful. Thank you so much. xxx

Your LP is negative. 95% of people with MS will have a positive LP . I agree with Tina on the brain scan results too. I dont thinks you are looking at an MS dx.

Moyna x