Please everyone look behind the sofa,someone nicked my legs

Morning all

Dont you just love it when someone creeps up on you in the night and steals your legs-got to say though I have the most wonderful kids- they only need to see me at a glance, stumbling across the room and they go into action, pack lunches done, no one asked for socks, paper and pens brought to me to write town notes and huge hugs before they go, along with two comments of- ‘keep those feet up mum’ and ‘heres the remote’.

im so proud of them.

Went to see Neuro yesterday, he was really good- had a long chat about my eyes and he took blood and is refering me to the opthamologist- he thinks it could be something to do with my retina rather than ON in my left eye, and was sympathetic to the fact that as thats my only eye as it were, it is making a lot of things difficult-

he shined a light in my eye and we timed how long it took for the after shadow of the light to go-

4 mins!!!.

and he could see my point that driving would put me in situations that this problem could arise at anytime.

so just wait now and see (ha ha) what the opthamologist says.

Also fingers crossed my Friend is going to take over my business- coming on Thursday to work the machine,

Have a great day all-

BC xx

Sorry I think it must of been me who took your legs cuz they really dont suit me and I havent even made it as far as the shower on them yet…although I had thort it was doing the garden yesterday.

I shall return them immediately.

On a serious note I think a duvet day is in order until bell time this afternoon.Glad they are doing things for your sight.


Cheers Pip,

im here all day so just pop them back via delivery van-cheers.

Im on a bungie rope today- put washing on-back on the sofa-dishwasher-back on sofa

Asda order done for tomorrow and ill send kids to village shop later for bits and pieces.

Just the dogs to do-so i shall spend an hr sat in the barn reading a book whilst they hurtle around me.its rubbish weather here so they will probaly sit by my feet with that ‘your having a laugh-walk in this weather’!!

hope you find who nicked your legs asap

BC xx

Morning BC

Sounds like Pip has them! LOL

I could give you my right one-you wouldnt want the left!

Theres not a great distance between my butt and foot tho (shortie!)

Its my daughters 19th birthday today and I am going to attempt to make her a cake (shes visitng tomorrow)

I will make 2 and meet u back here at 11.30am (with your legs returned!) and we can sample my effort?

Ellie xxx

Ellie that sounds fab-when the delivery van gets here with my legs ill get him to give me a lift to yours

does that mean we get half a cake each!!. im up for the challenge.

Have a good day love- hope your daughter has a great Birthday xx



Express delivery ordered to return your legs but Ive added a packet of plasters and a couple of dog chews…you will not be taking the dogs any futher than the barn I can assure you.

I felt I really should shower and the legs took real exception to this and the dreaded itching started.I do apologise but people will think the dogs have got fleas as the are bleeding from the scratches.

Once again sincere apologies and I do hope Ellies cake will make up for it.



Theres enough cake for 3! Its still in oven so join us at 12 midday

Ellie x

Ladies you made me giggle

Thanks XX

From the Glasgow lunch post I think that is a little beyond me…I was proud I got as far as the docs and back yesterday.

However I shall join you in the same way as I do Pollys Palace from afar.

Cheers and I hope your daughter has a good birthday. I have a 19yr old son who hates cake but always has a giant mars bar with a candle in.I cant cook cakes so I am soooooo pleased


Hey Bc glad we all have our sense of humours on here…even if legs have gone missing./borrowed…lol Glad you saw neuro and now waiting on eye person.see what they say re On or something else…yep duvet day sounds in order…my dogs are great, I ahve 4 and they dont expect a walk unless myoutdoor jacket goes on…if weather id vile…pigs ears go down well…or if you can get marrow bones from butcher that will keep them very happy…lol Perhaps you could train them to load the washing machine, dishwasher…go to local shop for you and maybe cook the dinner aswell…haha

I am still chasing my eye neuros for a call back at least…no sighn of that yet…attempting some form of exercise today at least the areas that want to…lol Vision def worse after though and wouldnt say I am breaking out into a sweat either…:open_mouth:

Pip- a mega mars bar sounds yum!!.

Morning Scoobie, flipping eyes.well done on the excercise, im excercising my tea drinking arm brilliantly

dogs done- i sat in the barn and dreamed it was warm and sunny while they ran round like nutters-we live on a farm so they live out in kennels- we have 5, 2 spaniels,2 terriers and a basset.its funny how they know-not one of them tried to get in my pocket today or run around me and no one had a ‘lets go she’ll never catch us idea’. we are slowly fencing in my old horse paddock and am saving for a little summer house so i can take them all in there and sit in comfort for as long as i like whilst they play chase-

the vision in my head of it when its done looks great

flipping washing machine has stopped working oh well one less job to do today


Give your washing to the dogs and let them run round in the rain…no one will ever know!!!


Cake now cool and ready to sample! Just plain sponge with chocolate chips in it…

How many are here? BC-ru cutting? (I aint safe with sharp objects and have the scars on hands to prove it!)

E x

lol Bc summer house sounds ace…you need to get a trail rider…so you can zoom round the paddock and look busy as it were…ive got ne as would never manage to freewheel off road on park…my guys love it…and its a case of keep up with me rather than the other way round!!

aww shame re washer…yeah one less job to do…hurray…

keep that tea drinking arm healthy I say! Sun is out ehre so park here we come…knackered mind you…still would be a shame to miss out…all I ahve to do is negicaite the traffic and get my brain in gear for that adn ill be fine… yeah eyes…enough said on that one…

enjoy your duvet day


Ellie hadnt you noticed im on my second slice already…with a lovely mental image of the summer house in the paddock and dogs chasing around like nutters.

As its imaginary I may add a glass or two of wine…as its glorious sunshine…if fact I may decide to stay in my imaginary world until the men in white coats come to drag me out,or BC clocks me with one of her legs I sent back broken.

Enjoy ladies.


I found a foot in front of our sofa yesterday, was it yours?

I’m guessing not as it looked like a left-over from the mouse the kitten caught and ate

I hope yours haven’t been eaten, and walk back into your life again soon…