plea to newbies

Hello to everyone and hope today is a good day.

Can I make a plea to all newbies to break up their text and space out the lines.

There have been a few recently that I would like to read but they merge into one and I know better than to try and work through them.

As many of us have vision problems I’m sure it will help more than just me.

I understand in the moment of trying to put it all into words it tends to form one long page but if you could go back at the end and break it up it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


I also find it hard to read a big bunch of mashed together words with no spaces for breath - I just don’t bother reading them. Sorry peeps.

I have to say though, it’s not all newbies that do it!


Nice one Pip… makes a huge difference…

Pat x

I also tend to skip over really long posts with all the words mashed into one paragraph. I’d LIKE to read them, but I can’t concentrate long enough to get through it (or my vision goes blurry before I get halfway through).

Good tip, Pip. (I made a rhyme… haha!).


Can I ask does it help if it’s large?

I think I am one that rambles, and I am so pleased that I read this appeal, because i really WANT the advice of you guys!

Thanks Andrea

Hi Andrea,

For me at least, the default text size is fine. I can find it harder to read if people adopt a very large font size, as you don’t get many words per line, and it interrupts the flow of reading.

I don’t mind long posts either (guilty myself, as you can see). I think my only request is that rather than post a solid block, which can be offputting, people use a couple of paragraphs - which you already do.

Some people (not you!) don’t appear to realise that paragraphs aren’t just for decoration, but to help the reader.

If I see a huge block of text with no gaps, I may think: “Oh dear, this is too much hard work to decipher” - even if the subject itself is quite interesting or important.



I have just written to a couple of folk, and made a conscious effort, I have had to turn the brightness of my laptop because my eyes go blurry!

I have one odd eye!! Thanks for advice on text size… I’d hate to think I wasn’t getting much needed advice because my posts can’t be read comfortably!

We’ve all enough to contend with!!!



Hi I’ve just read this and realised I’m a culprit!! Sorry :slight_smile: Will try harder Sarah x

Hi I’ve just read this and realised I’m a culprit!! Sorry :slight_smile: Will try harder Sarah x