Pizotifen - for Headaches Drugs Holiday

Husband (has SP) Is trying to come off of Lyrica (Pregabalin) as it seems to be causing more problems with balance. In desperation he went to see his GP who then prescribed Pizotifen for headaches and lo and behold, it seems to be working for the minute at least. GP also said that he should go back to the consultant and MS nurse as it is not right that he should be managing the change to meds by himself.

Anyone else tried Pitzotifen for headaches in MS?

Husband is in such a mess with his meds (taking Fluoxitine, Pregabalin, Stematil, LDN) that he thinks they are all making him worse and talking about coming off them altogether (gradually of course) to see if ti makes a dffference.

This really worries me as everytime the dosage has been tampered with it has taken months to get things back on to some sort of even keel. Dont really know what to do for the best.

Hi Bonnie,

I was prescribed Pizotifan as a preventative for migraines and they did definitely work for that. They were prescribed before I was diagnosed with ms.

However, a word of caution, I had to come off them as I became totally agressive, I literally wanted to harm my husband so do watch for possible mood changes.

Maybe it is such a mixture of meds he is on which is quite possibly making him feel worse but maybe if he comes off one or two of them gradually, I would be wary of coming off all of them. Presuming he didn’t start them all at the same time, which one does he feel has helped him most?

You both really shouldn’t be left to deal with this on your own, I’m sure your neuro could help but I do think your gp should also help. yes he’s presumably not specialised in ms but he should know about the medications and their interactions so if the neuro is out of immediate reach, go back to the gp.

Take care.

Thanks, he has spoken to the MS nurse who refuses to allow an appointment with the neuro - his next appointment is next August. He is going to see her next week, but as she will not be able to change the meds without consulting the neuro it all seems a bit of a wild goose chase. All very depressing at times.

The good news is that things have settled down a bit, but he is in no mans land - taking the Pregabalin in a reduced dose and the Carbamazepine that the GP prescribed etc. etc. A big muddle.

Thanks again for the reply and advice.