Bad headaches

Hi, not been on here for about 6months or so but for the last 6weeks I have had tension type stress headaches well thats what the doctors says they are, I started on 80mg half inderell for 2weeks and then inderalla 160mg for 4weeks and now the docs put me on 240mg of the same tablet, was wondering if anyone had this with ther MS as a symptom as I also have MS?The headaches are right above my right eye and are in the same place all the time and have been for 6weeks and I just want them gone as they are getting me down, I had stress back in May but nothing now so dont understand it.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance

Hi Darren,

When i was having my first big relapse i suffered with headaches terribly. Like you they were in the same place, above my left eye, and nothing helped the pain. They went after a couple of weeks and I didn’t get around to investigating them (so much else going on) I don’t understand what caused it myself - but if the meds are working I’d be inclined to carry on and see what happens, if nothing improves speak to your nurse or neuro? Hope it eases soon for you.


Hi Darren

The migranes I had suffered with very occasionally and only when I’d had a very hard week of work and lots of stress, happen quite frequently these days, Paracetamol no longer helps them and so i’m on Migraleve. I like the fact that it not only helps with pain, it also slows down the thinking process, something that I belive triggers these migranes. The last time I had one I also had a lot of nerve pain in my leg and shoulder.

I have had them prior to a relapse, so although not directly linked to MS, I do think there is a connection.

The hot weather tends to bring them on too, drinking lots helps.

Wendy x

My husband who has SP has persistant headaches. Some consultants say they are nothing to do with MS, but personally I think they are related. He finds Nortriptrilyene and Gabapentin help, but keeps Anadin extra in reserve and they usually do the trick. To be honest they are a constant feature and he does have them a very regular basis. He has also had MRI scans just to rule out anthing else besides the MS. Hopefully you will be able to get yours under control.Regards

Been suffering too for the past 2 wks… very intense at times. Tried everything, paraceamol, ibrufen, co-codamol… nothing really works = not even closing my eyes… Sleeping is getting hard work too, think I’m overtired now. Cant seem to settle to get to sleep, little noises keep me awake and irritable… Have been told it could be that I’m dehydrated, because yeah dont really drink that much. But dont know, I tend to put everything down to MS … but it could be JUST migranes… but 2 wks is a long time now… Awaiting a brain scan, so dont want to ring nurse, as dont really want the scan, dont want to know its getting worse. DX 2 years now… Hope you find a cure quickly, let me know if you do x

Hi Darren,

On the lead up to my only episode thus far (last year) I was suffering from regular headaches. Just like Laura mentions, it used to be just above the left eye - quite regular for about a couple of years.

I have had more recently one or two migraines and whether there is any relation with MS, its unclear to me (but I doubt). What I know indeed, is that sleepling badly/stress coupled with dehydration is the perfect cocktail for a headache. The headache may well be the consequence of a wider issue and not so much the cause of a potential relapse.

Hope things improve soon!


A friend of mine has similar and is being tested for Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Thank you all very much for the replies they are very much appreciated :slight_smile: I will try to drink more water keep my fluids up and maybe I will see an improvement in the long term as it could be connected. Iv found a tension type headache tablet called headex and at last I have got some relief from the headaches, well I took them at 1330 today and been headache free since. Sorry about any spelling errors half asleep here lol. I hope you all are well and feel free to add me for future chats :slight_smile: Hope everyone has a nice weekend :slight_smile: Takecare

Hi Darren, like you and others on here I suffered with these very debilitating headaches for a long time. My neuro told me it is connected to MS and prescribed me Tegretol tablets 200mg which I take twice a day. I think they are usually prescribed to people with epilepsy but I have been taking them for about a year now and have seen a significant improvement. Take care Anne x

I get them above my right eye (very painful) and for me it’s linked to my Optic Neuritis,

Seems like lots of us get headaches They are horrid!!!

Kate x

Help… I suffer with migraines I feel like my body is all battered and brused. I also have a 2 yr old which is full on. I suffer with stress. Can anyone give me any advise.

Hi Leanne

I take topiramate every day for my migraines. I take a 50mg tablet at night and a 25mg tablet in the mornings (the lower dose in the mornings is because they can cause drowsiness). There is the option to increase the dosage if needed but at this dose my migraines have reduced from 3 days each month to about 1 day every 4 or 5 months and they are not so severe. Prior to this I was getting a full on migraine every month lasting 3 days with full nausea, diarrhoea and such excruciating pain in my head that all I could do was lay in a dark room. By the time they passed I was very weak and needed another day to build my strength up. I think my employer was as fed up of them as I was.

I had to go through several drug options over the course of 5 years before finding something that works. Keep pestering your GP. I have found that they only take action if you keep making a nuisance of yourself so don’t put up with the migraines.

Like others above, I am convinced there is a link between my migraines and the MS because I only started getting them two years before the MS symptoms but none of my health professionals agree.

Tracey x

Hi I have never suffered from headaches in the 49 years before MS symptoms started. It’s not a migraine, it’s more like sharp stabbing actions, sometimes around eye and sometimes the back of my head. I am guessing it’s an MS symptom but from reading comments here most neuros don’t think its MS. Very odd since its a common symptom here. Anyone heard from health professional that it’s is MS? many thanks Joanne

Hi Darren. Meditation can reduce stress, pain, anxiety and depression. It’s helped me a lot. Mindfulness meditation is available on the NHS ask your GP. There is also Transcendental Meditation, it’s easy to do and has very good health benefits.

same for me too


I have had headaches and migraines in the past but since being diagnosed with MS, I have been getting different head pains. They start in a similar way to a tension headache and last about 3-4 hours. Nothing helps the pain but it then suddenly just disappears. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sumatriptan for me all the way, takes about 30 mins to eliminate the migraine behind the right forehead everytime. Nurofen, paracetemol etc not even close to getting it to go away.

Please check out you haven’t got APS; Sticky Blood, Hughes Syndrome; whatever they call it.

Symptoms of Hughes syndrome

· Migraine headaches.

· Mottled skin tone (livedo reticularis)

· Low blood platelet count (thrombocytopenia)

· Vein thrombosis.

· Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

· Arterial thrombosis.

· Heart attack.

· Stroke.

See this complaint mimics MS symptoms. Ask your GP if it’s OK for you to take Aspirin; to thin blood; then 75mg per day for a month; see if it stops your headaches.

Good luck

75mg per day for a month; see if it stops your headaches.

Good luck


Hi Joanne, My MS consultant also didn’t think the stabbing pains I was experiencing were MS related but he advised taking gabapentine (which makes me drowsy)… The worst time I experienced it, I was beside myself and almost suicidal - the stabbing pain came every hour or so and then got more frequent until it was every minute & I couldn’t stand anything touching my head nor could I lie my head down on anything… My GP prescribed Diamazipane at a high does saying it would knock me out and I’d sleep for 5/6 days (which I did) after that the pain went… but it has come back from time to time. My experience of many symptoms is that I’m told they are not MS and then I find out that other people have had the exact same thing … so I would say it is a valid sysmptom and in a way it makes sense as surely the key thing with MS is nerve interference ! … hope you don’t get the pains too often. x

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I have the same stabbing pains in my head usually right side but today both sides. I also have had jaggy pains and itching above my left ear. So annoying I can only wear glasses for a short time.

I had migraine headaches before diagnosis (10 years ago)but not such stabbing pains. I have had several medications . Pizitofen on now has helped reduce frequency but still happening every 3-4 weeks. Last 3-5 days. I’m sure it’s related to MS but since I had migraine prior to other MS symptoms consultant doesn’t treat them as Part of my MS management but separately.
Had a phone interview with my consultant a month ago.
Waiting on a MRI and will be reviewed after.
Hope this tingling left side head goes away soon.