headache and migrane

i was wondering if anyone else was going through what i am going through. For the last few months i have been getting the worst headaches and migranes to the point where i feel that i have been hit by a car. I have to lay down and i feel so sick like im going to throw up and sometimes i have. My heartbeat races and i feel like im not in control of my self. I dont know if this has anything to do with ms or not or that the weather has got a bit warmer and is triggering this to happen but its driving me nuts.

That does sound like it could do with MS as I get a migrain feeling in my right eye everyday which is so painful it makes me feel sick. my Neuro told me that it was my MS and put me on Gabipentin. So the best bet is to see your neuro or MS nurse about it asap.

With heart racing, you may have high blood pressure so best to see your doctor aswell.

I hope you find a good medication for this x