lately I have found I am getting headaches and can’t seem to be able to get rid of them Does anyone else suffer from unexplained persistent headaches

Yes I suffered a lot of headaches when first diagnosed with ms. I assumed it was demyalination going on. Just read today that magnesium helps but Im in a dilema there - took some then had other effects.

You are not alone, Im sure other msers will tell you they too suffer. Ask ms nurses what they suggest or see gp, its quite common. Think they might give you amytriptyline or gabapentin.

Hope you soon get solutions, not nice.



hi there, i’m excactly the same, i get headaches all the time and can’t get rid of the them. so, you are diffinetly not alone, love Bex xx

I cant get rid of my headache, had it for ages now. I said to my husband if it was somethng serious i would be dead by now. julsiexx