Just a moan........

I have been posting about my husband (has SP) coming off of Pregabalin and taking Carbanzapine (sp?). He has been really rough the last couple of days, feeling sick and sleeping all the time, and it is not getting any better.

This morning I read the leaflet that accompanied the Pregabalin, it said that stopping should be done gradually over at least a week. Well husband was not given any advice about process just issued with a new prescription over the phone. So using our own judgement, he has started taking 50mg of Pregabalin so that he can decrease it more gradually, he has not had any now for 3 days.

I dont know, it is all so annoying that once again he has been left to get on with with, change in meds without any instruction, follow up etc. etc.

We are not experts in this, just muddling our way though, but he has to suffer and perhaps avoidably so.

Rant over, feel a bit better, wish I could say the same for him.

Your husband isn’t alone…you’re with him. He has his very own version of MS,and how the drugs affect him are specific to him.The Neurologists have been mucking about with MS for more than 80 years and they have ‘managed’ to divide MS into four different and ‘distinct’ types.Well done.

The warning sheets provided with the drugs are general guidelines,and with experience the users and those with them will learn how best to administer them. I will say that it is wise to wean off all drugs over a period of time.

My Dealer,oops,GP gives me a wide variety of 'cheap’and non MS specific drugs,with which I play pick’n’mix. At present I open a 300mg Gabapentin capsule and tip out half of the contents.I hence take 150mg twice, ten hours apart Any more than this and the neuropathetic pain in my feet increases. I constantly juggle the Gabapentin,Butrans patches, and Cannabis(ridiculously small amounts) to stop myself being in agony.No medical professional will know what is ‘good’ for me,so in that and in general I am alone.


Hi, I dont blame you for needing a rant. Sounds like it was well justified.

I hope your hubby improves soon.

luv Pollx

Ha! I like your ‘pick n mix’ approach to your meds. Sort of like that here. We are going to have to open the Pregabalin has husband only has the larger dose left.

As you say, it is best to try to manage your own meds, but it is frustrating sometimes.

Thanks for the response

Thanks, sometimes it is nice to let of steam into the ether so to speak.

He is a bit better, but not great.


Dear bonnie one,do you think humidity may be a factor in Himself’s scheme? It is with me.'Cos I live in a small/poxy one boudoir flat I can keep the humidity below 35%.Three dehumidifiers running when the weather is damp,not cheap,but above 40% and I’m a write off.

A meter is <£10 on t’internet and £120 ish for a machine.(Homebase is best)I reckon you could sort one room and see what occurs.Alternitively you could hire one,borrow one or steal one to try a certain area.They do produce heat,but just turn the radiator off.

Maybe you’ve both seen changes as the weather changes.60% is fairly typical in most properties,and I feel knackered just contemplating it.


ps Back to drugs…Quite often the approved dosage for whatever,is the same for an 8 stone bird,or a 16 stone bloke

A friend of mine down in London trolled the car boot sales and picked up two very cheaply to use in his (now very nice) little house. It had massive damp issues so it cleared it very nicely. Previous people did not want to buy the property due to this problem but he fixed it then decorated.

I dont know, have never really considered humidity. Think where we live is not damp on one hand but then again we do live in a humid country generally. Will have to give it some thought, thanks for mentioning the possibility.