Poor hubbys speach was terrible today

From the word go go go it it it sound sound sounded like this this ju ju julie do you do you know wer where my ph phone is ? Please note this is an example but is what a simple sentance would sound like this morning.He told me he was in alot of pain and was crying in front of me at one point.He said he didnt want to live like this,i feel so sorry for him i have wrote to his neurologist he isnt due to see ms nurse until dec .His gp is usless she has only gave him amitriptyline and 500mg paracetamol both are useless he tried upto 70mg of amitriptyline and nothing happerened no side affects or benefits so stopped taking them.Can anyone suggest anything trouble is gp keeps saying things are not licenced for that use.I told him to ask about SNRIs and SSRIs Antidepressants for neuropathic pain are these drugs expensive as thatas why i think gp will not give him them xx julie

After writing to his neurologist and phoning ms nurses things seem to be getting better neurologist has faxed gp telling him to prescribe gabapentin and starting on 300mg upto 900mg daily and still take paracetamol,also sending him for more mri scans to see whats happerning.So pleased hate seeing husband suffer in pain so upsetting xxx julie

A move in the right direction - lets hope things are on the up for you and your husband after such an upsetting and stressful time. Wish I could say more to help but fingers crossed the medication will make life more comfortable for you both. Hopefully the scans will give the medics the information needed to make life more bearable for your husband and in turn make your life a little easier. Take care.

Hi dinks yes hopefully more scans will give neuro more info on type of ms he has ,and new medication will help him cope with pain started he went doctors today and started taking it this morning xx julie

Hi Julie

Gabapentin are fantastic. Fingers crossed they will make your hubby feel better. It’s a shame his GP didn’t prescribe them to him earlier.

Do you go into the GP with him. My hubby suffers from chronic pain with his arthritis and the last time he was suffering I went in with him and said how bad it was to the GP which seemed to get things moving faster.

I really hope things get better for your both soon.

Shazzie xx

Hi all gabapentin works brilliant for nerve pain but still has problems sleeping do you know of anything that could help along side gabapentin xx julie

Hi Julie I had problems sleeping and have just been perscribed Amitriptyline and this certainly seems to be doing the trick. That in turn makes you feel better as you actually feel like you have been to bed, I think it has helped my temper as well so easier on my wife. mark xx