pip phonecall offer before tribunal

hi all my partner had his pip tribunal due last Fri on Thurs morning a lady from pip called to say they had looked at his claim again and decided to award him enhanced on mobility for 5 years he was on enhanced daily living and standard mobility for 3 years. obviously he accepted the offer and they lapsed the tribunal but today he received his award enhanced on both for 3 years we’ve tried ringing them and the said the case manager he spoke too would ring him back but low and behold they haven’t so will ring again on Monday I’m hoping this is a mistake obviously on their part and they change the dates but was wondering has anyone else had anything like this happen thanks to all in advance for any replies

Hi andsha,

make sure you get through on Monday and if no joy with them upping the award, contact the tribunal service and ask that they reinstate the the appeal also make sure you tell the DWP what you intend to do.

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Yes, I`ve heard of a few cases where the DWP has rung claimants on the 11th hour before a tribunal and offered the changed award. They know they are going to lose and have to pay costs. Great to know they are fallible!

Hi, When you call them make sure you get the name of the person you spoke to and note the date and time so they cannot say they never received the call from you.

Hi Andsha,

One thing that a tribunal would have given you is a judicial review. Now I am not a lawyer but I believe the DWP can appeal an judicial review but it is highly unlikely to happen.

It sort of becomes the official response that 3 unbiased and qualified people believe you should get, very hard for anyone to argue against.