Pip tribunal

Hi everyone

i am going through Pip & didn’t get enough points for enhanced care but did for the mobility so sent a mandatory

reconsideration letter. and even though they awarded me more points not enough for enhanced. 1 point short so 11 points not

12 I totally disagree with the outcome so I am going to take it to tribunal i have now got to apply.

it has been suggested we take someone with us for the tribunal is this someone legal if so any suggestions ?

i am very determined but don’t want to go without the specialist help if I can get it.

The only other fact is I have only been given it until 2021 is there anyone else in this situation? It’s all a very unecessary

stressful game but don’t feel like letting them win. Any advice would be great thanks.


I answered someone else on a similar subject earlier. They were appealing against a completely negative decision on PIP, so slightly different. This is what I said:

“I haven’t gone through the appeal process, so really can’t advise you. But I would recommend joining They have excellent guides for members. It costs about £20 for a year, but it’s worth the money.

The only other thing I’d suggest is not to rush into appealing. Make sure you’ve absorbed the information about how to appeal, the points you feel you should have scored (check this by looking at the Activities and Descriptors on… ) and make sure you have sufficient evidence to support your claim. If you don’t have enough evidence, start the ball rolling on that ASAP.

Once you are really clear headed about your plan of action (you could also try to get help from the Citizens Advice Bureau), then appeal. Just make sure it’s within the month of the MR date.”

With regard to your specific question about taking someone with you, I imagine you are talking about someone representing you. This could be an advisor from the CAB, or another welfare rights organisation. It could be a solicitor, but you’d have to pay for that kind of representation, and of course you’d have to find a solicitor expert in PIP as well. If you don’t have an expert representing you at the appeal (of course some appeals are decided on without a physical appeal hearing - generally just the appeals decided in the claimants favour and as you were only one point shy of the maximum that could be you), then it helps just to have someone with you - in terms of moral support.

Best of luck.


Hello Tynsall,

Try giving these a call - - the MS Society retain a lawyer there.

Good luck.


I am going through the tribunal process at the moment, still waiting for a date.

I personally didn’t feel the need for any additional help as it was clear to me where the DWP had failed to look at the evidence provided properly and it was clear that the DWP had no evidence to counter my evidence from my GP and Neurologist. Ok, they still decided not to give me the 12 points I am convinced I should get so my initial and MR failed to get me the points needed but I am totally convinced the tribunal will award me 12 points without a second thought. Remember, get in in by the time they need, i.e. 1 month, detail your arguements, if needed send more evidence and then wait. If you get more evidence once submitted and you are waiting, you are entitled to add evidence as and when required. Best of Luck Charlie