PIP payment, does anyone know how long it takes?

Hi I’m an informal carer for my friend who has MS and has finally been awarded PIP at standard rate. He’s in a terrible state having been living on basic benefits. It’s meant him not being able to afford to buy much in the way of food or aides to help him out with eating, walking etc. Does anyone know how long it takes from accepting the offer to them paying out the arrears?

From notification of award to start of payment should be within a week or two. The good news is that it gets backdated to the date or original application, so could be several £thousand in a lump sum.

Hi Anders.

I’m just wondering if your friend has now received his PIP payment?

Also, has he been in touch with local NHS and Social Care services. They might / should be able to help with aides for walking , eating and any other aides that he needs.