PIP - a success story (well sort of)!

The long awaited brown envelope finally landed on the door mat. After 365 + 2 days since applying I have been awarded the maximum rate in both categories. Yes, you have read that correctly - one whole year and two days. I applied for PIP on 13 July 2013. 2 hour home assessment June 2014 15 July 2014 letter arrived stating my PIP award. All back dated too and reassessment will not be until 2024! During my year long wait I made 6 phone calls to DWP/ATOS. To everyone waiting or going through reconsideration - keep hanging on in there -you never know a brown letter day with great news may wing its way through your letter box too. Take care all xx

Well done :slight_smile:

Long frustrating wait but well done, great news! Nina x

Who’s buying the drinks then? :slight_smile:

Well done!

Wow! Well done!!! Lifting a cyber glass of champagne to you… cheers! Pat xx

Well done, what a long wait!

Pam x

Well done - all that waiting has at last been worth it. Great news Jackie xx

Well done. If you get ESA let them know as your payments go up if you get medium or higher care allowance. I hope you treat yourself to something nice.

Cath xx

What Wonderful Way late news!

It must be true, good thing come to those who wait…got no choice, have we?


Like Pat I am toasting you with vintage 2014 cyber champagne Well done

Thank you, my MS Family for all your good wishes. As always, Take care all xx