Good news

Opened my mail today and been awarded pip(daily living and mobility component)after 10 month it’s weight of my mind

Hope everyone ok



That is good news, I have to apply for ESA soon and I’m dreading it. You will be able to relax now the stress of waiting is over.

Jan x

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good news,bet your so relieved.

J x

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Well done Steve and remember you get the back payments from when you first applied!

Toasting you with a glass of cyber champagne…

Cheers… Pat xx

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Brilliant news Steve, well done.

Pam x

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Hello Steve,

It’s good to see positive news being shared. A ten month wait sounds a bit of a disgrace but at least it’s done. I’m still on DLA and not holding my breath for the “great change”

Good wishes, Steve.

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Hi, well done from me too. Yep, great news!


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Congratulations Steve, good to hear positive PIP outcomes.

Pauline x

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Congratulations Steve

Don’t spend it all at once

How did the timeline go if I can ask. I’ve not heard a dickie bird since my form was returned just before Easter.

Best of luck


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That’s fabulous news!

Glad to see it’s working, I’m still waiting, watching the post lol

Polly xxx

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Great news Steve, well done, crazy that you’ve had to wait so long though!

Nina x

Well done Steve, applying for any benefit is so stressful, I cry each time a big thick envelope hits the doormat. Ten months wait is really disgusting but how relieved you should be!!


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