PIP Query

Hi everybody Can I ask any of you who have successfully claimed PIP, how long did your first payment take to come through? My letter quoted 22nd July but not yet received. Phoned and was told it had to be approved by a manager. Just wondering how long this is likely to take? Kaz xx

Hi Kaz.
You say your “letter quoted 22nd July”, what does this mean?

On the assumption that this was the date of the “decision” that would mean your PIP award would start 28 days from this date!
Also PIP (as with DLA) is paid 4 weekly in arrears!

All this adds up to mean your first payment will not plop into your bank account until Monday 8th of September!

So, still got a while to wait sorry.

Take Care


P.S. If my assumption is incorrect re-post and I will have another look!

Mine was paid in my account before I got the decision letter (the decision letter after my reconsideration was successful I was declined it from dwp even though atos said to award me with it)I claimed august 2013 and was paid in February gets back dated from claim so don’t worry x


I received my back dated payment in my bank before I received my letter. I do know if the payment for backdated amounts is over a certain amount I think it’s £5000 then it can take longer as it needs extra approval by some senior in DWP. That happened to my friend recently and she waited an extra 3 weeks due to the delays etc with DWP.

Hope you get what your due soon!

Polly x