DLA TO PIP and guesswork by the DWP!

In the words of Victor Meldrew, “I don’t believe it!”

My recent application and assessment to transfer to PIP went much more smoothly and a good deal quicker than I anticipated. It was granted as of 2nd September. I received a DLA payment on 11th August which meant the next payment would be due on 8th September. I thought the transition would be seamless. However my last DLA payment was paid into my account on 1st September.

I rang the DWP and spoke to a very nice chap who told me that changing from DLA to PIP can often mean the timing of payments is adjusted and that I would receive the next payment of less than four weeks today, 22nd September but that the system wasn’t telling him the amount. Ok, fair enough.

Anyway I checked my bank account this morning, and no payment has gone in, so I rang the DWP again and again spoke to a very nice chap, it might even have been the same one. I explained, so he checked and told me I would receive twenty seven days PIP on 29th September, thereafter the full amount every four weeks.

i asked why I had been told a payment would be made in 22nd he said, “Well, as things change over it sometimes involves a bit big guesswork!”

The DWP operating on guesswork? I DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Well yeah, how else does the government predict owt?

Hope your future payments are right. Still anticipating my transfer.


their js a second rate group of liars & crooks, but i bet they get paid on time GRRR,

jujuj, gud luck pal!!


this is what I know after looking into PIP for my claim.

If you are entitled to PIP, the PIP payment will be made four weeks in arrears.
DLA is also paid in arrears - typically three weeks in arrears and one week in advance. This means it is entirely normal for there to be one more DLA payment after PIP entitlement has started, which is DLA owing for the period up to and including the day before PIP starts.

A switch from DLA paid three weeks in arrears and one week in advance to PIP paid four weeks in arrears typically means there is a five week gap between the last DLA payment and the first PIP payment.

took my a while to work it out too. Must be hard work for the poor souls working it out



sorry for sounding so militant! but i do feel a little (if not a lot) pist with them ,

but what Russo wrote does make sense,