hello everyone,

just thought I would let everyone know what’s happened to me, incase it happens to anyone else!

my DLA was coming to an end at the end of September so in April/May I sent everything of for PIP as DLA was finishing in my area. I received a letter to say they received everything they needed from all parties in June and everything was being looked at and they will be in touch. However my DLA payment will continue until they have met with me and reached a decision about my PIP application.

Well low and behold I have not received any continued payment! I have had to phone twice, and the department I have phoned have chased the payment up, however still nothing, and I’ve been told wait another week and if there is still nothing chance them up again.

So having received nothing since September I am not a happy girl, especially since dealing with people on the phone is very difficult at the best of times, and now with no money I’m pretty stressed when speaking to them … Bring on the confused speaker.

so please watch out if moving over from DLA to PIP

Polly xxx

Hello Polly

How are you managing to survive.

Have you tried writing to your MP.

Theres a general election next year so they are more inclined to help you, even Cameron or Clegg are worth a try?

Good luck.



Hi Ronin,

Ive had to borrow money from my dad for bills coming off, and putting everything else through credit card, I’m trying very hard to not panic, I’m also hoping really badly that they will back pay me what they have missed!

By next week it really will be time for me to contact the MP etc, and the dear lord above!

thank you, just thought everyone should know too

Polly xxx

Does not bode well for those of us making the switch Hopefully mine will be closer to 2017 rather than 2015

Hellfire Polly, that`s horrendous!

It makes you so cross and frustrated…2 emotions we already have to deal with, eh?

luv Pollyx

Yip Polly,

aLong with being scared of how the actual PIP thing is going to go, and to not be getting any money I am furious!

Thank you so much, your support it totally sucks just now

Polly xxx