pip interview

Just had letter confirming pip interview in 2 weeks only waited 8 months!starting to stress now any advice guys??xx

Hiya Penelope!

Not surprised you are stressing now.

Not had my PIP assessment yet, but no doubt I will at some point.

Gather your medical letters etc, and just be yourself and if you arent having a bad day when you actualy go to the interview, tell them how bad you can be…unless everyday is a bad day!

I daresay you will get some better advice than mine.

luv Pollx

Hi I had mine in Nov and was successful and received enhanced for both. My advice is to break down every task and explain what assistance gadgets or person you use. I didn’t really get questions. I got asked to explain my day starting with getting up. Benefits and work is a good site and well worth the subscription fee. Barney

The assessors ar duty bound to note what they find at the actual time of the assessment. They DO NOT note how things may have been at any other time. It is a myth that assessors take into acount what things may have been like on a bad day.

Ahw fab guys thank you all for you advice xx

Gather as much medical evidence you have even if you have a good day don’t mention it or they will think your like that all the time after going through it for pip and esa and being turned down won via appeal but don’t stress. It’s not so bad but good luck x

I put down artharitis lol my gp then said that’s what it was now under new gp and a ms specialist waiting on LP and vep results then I will appeal will be a late appeal.

For pip I put osteopolaris as I thought I had that caused from depo povera I didn’t put much to be honest because I had a useless gp who I went to for a year was at my pip medical that the nurse suggested I change so I did. I’ve been lucky but they have seen my walking with aids when I attended assessment but I only won both on reconsiderations.

I found my PIP assessment was not the “Spanish Inquisition” I had expected!
Still it was a very worrying time though!
Some very good advice from those above not much I can add (sorry).

The good news, I got stadard care and enhanced mobility for 5 years!
No money in the bank yet though as PIPs started on 2nd July.

Good Luck!