PIP granted

Hi Folks

After reading how awful this process has been for many of you on here I wasn’t looking forward to starting my claim. I began the process in March and since returning the forms just before Easter the doubt demons kept end jumping through my mind, especially after learning of other people’s experiences during an assessment.

So for weeks now I’ve been thinking I’m must be getting close to that time when I’ll be asked to attend an assessment interview and will the interviewer understand how MS can impact on you differently from day to day, albeit my dropped foot is my only visual giveaway.

Imagine my surprise this morning then, when on opening the envelope marked DWP it wasn’t offering me a date for an assessment, it was rewarding me standard rate DLA and standard rate Mobility until October 2016 with a review in twelve months, what a relief.

I’m pleased with the outcome and just hope some of you will also sail through the process in the same way as I have, the only negative is its taken eight months to reach this point.

All the best and good luck.



That is good news Paul, it renews hope that the system doesn’t always get it wrong.

Jan x