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I am currently waiting to go to a tribunal for my DLA claim which started last September. I wondered can I start a new claim for PIP at the same time? since my original claim I have many more symptoms and also been off work with stress and depression related to my illness. I understrand that I cant include ant new symptoms with my original claim.

I think you can, but best to check with the CAB maybe? Someone on Everyday Living may know so you could try posting on there. Have you joined the benefitsandwork website? Loads of good advice on there. Karen x

Hi, as you are already in the system re a DLA tribunal, I think applying for PIP could confuse the situation.

You could ring the DLA office and ask.

Mmm, difficult one this.

Wendels on el has some good benefits knowledge.

I`ll point your post out to her for you.

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Ive pmd wendels for you.



I’ve tried to research this but don’t seem to find the info that I need to give you a definitive answer. It’s always confusing when one benefit morphs into something else.

I think the best way of looking at it would be to ignore the fact that it is two different benefits and think of them as one and the same. If you think that your new, worsened symptoms would offer a better chance of success should you abandon your present claim and start a new one?

The bottom line is you couldn’t be on PIP and DLA so it’s probably a case of deciding which will be best to pursue. My feeling is that you would not be able to start a new claim (for PIP) whilst your existing claim for DLA is in the system. I suspect that you would have to abandon the DLA claim and wait (6 months I think from the date of the refusal letter) before starting a new claim with your new symptoms. That is not a black and white answer just based on my feeling

With the DLA claim, if you are successful at tribunal it will be back dated to last September so it may be more advantages to see it through. Once it is awarded, if the rates are too low, you can inform them that your condition has worsened and fill a new form in.
(After October it would be for PIP – before that it will still be DLA because it would not be a new claim just an old one being looked at with new symptoms)

I’m sorry that my answer is not exact. CAB would be able to look it up and tell you exactly but my gut tells me that I have the gist of it.


Hi All, I live in Bristol UK and am in the process of filling out my PIP claim form, does anybody have any helpful advise to help me . Also what happens at the face to face assessment?

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you can choose to have the face to face assessment in your home.

i didn’t get to choose because they had already decided it was to be in my home.

i actually felt disappointed because i’d planned/dreamed of sh*tting myself in their office!

food (disgusting food) for thought there!

get help from a welfare rights advisor, CAB or similar.

they will help you with the form, questioning your answers to make sure that you fully understood the question.

make yourself familiar with the criteria that they are looking for.

key words are - can you do this safely, repeatedly and in a timely manner.

so if you can shower and dress yourself, ask yourself are you safe?

can you do it again tomorrow?

does it take you the same amount of time as it did before you had ms?

one of the trickiest things is to let go of that positivity that you have cultured.

be realistic instead.