PIP Application

Just rejoined this forum after a few years away and forgotten my username.

Been on DLA for ages but just applied for PIP as things have progressed with my MS.

I must say how the application is much easier than the old DLA application. I also found online guidance on easy to follow.

Everything is in the post. I shall see what happens next and when. I hope delays seen earlier in the year have gone.


Hi Paul,

I wish you the best of luck with your application. If it does not yield the result that you hope for do not give up! Appealing a decision has changed a little since you last applied, you have to first ask for a mandatory reconsideration and then appeal if this is not successful. I do not mean to sound negative about your application but you only have a short window to do anything about it if the results are not satisfactory so it’s better to be prepared.


Hi. Good luck. I went through this a few weeks ago. My application was sent 6th July, I had a face to face assessment on 24th July, received my letter telling me it had been granted on 12th August.

Its been granted from 2nd September until July 2018.

When I got DLA it was granted indefinitely from the date of application.

Still that’s it for three years now.

Got my assessment date through. At a centre 20 miles from home. I called ATOS who have given me another date at a centre 2 miles from home. All it took was a call to their helpline.

thank you ATOS


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I called and got an assessment at home. Made a huge difference.

all positive comments so far…good!


Typical PIP assessment. You should have been granted indefinite grant unless the unqualified specialist at the assessment centre has found a cure for MS. Not worth appealing though and a quick decision!

Best wishes


Just had my assessment. The assessor was pleasant enough.

asked a range of questions both testing physical & mental eg arm/ leg strength tests (physical). Spell WORLD backwards, countdown from 100 in 7’s (mental). Each question covering one of the questions on the form. I think they looked how I covered the distance into the room and how I was sat (restless, moody etc) which probably covered my mental restrictions (don’t have any).

i have scored myself 9 for daily living (was care in DLA) & 12 for mobility. I worked out that would be standard daily living & enhanced mobility. Will just wait and see. The nice lady said 6-8 weeks. Will let you know. Either wasn’t genuinely scary or lulled me into a false sense or security.


Glad to hear it wasn’t too bad. I hope you get the PIP you’ve scored yourself at. And if not, you should ask for reconsideration and failing a corrected decision, appeal.


Got my letter yesterday.

i got what I hoped for. Flipping quick that reply.

apparantly they don’t consider stairs, uneven ground or slopes when walking. They must think I live in Holland.

oh well, worries over for 3 years. I guess the length of award is in case my daily living needs get more.


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