pip appeal tues scared to death

hi all any advice greatly appreciated my partner has his pip appeal hearing on tues and is really struggling with anxiety about it we have been waiting since march for the appeal date and its been a long road, can anyone give any advice as to what to expect, his condition now is a lot worse than when he applied and we have loads of reports etc… which the courts have recieved im just really nervous for him and scared if he doesnt get the right outcome what it will do to him mentally as since being diagnosed last nov he has really struggled to come to terms with it and how its affected his life so much in such a short time, we have both never claimed anything before and gone from both working full time to him being on esa in the support group which he did nt need an assesment for and me being off sick for the last 6 weeks and being his full time carer he has a dvt and was hospitalised in august for 2 weeks and is still on warfarin and gets his blood checked every couple of days as you can imagine this on top of the ms has really taken its toll, thanks for your help and advice in advance

Hi andsha,

I don’t know about PIP, but saw he suffered from DVT and wondered if you have seen this

APS; STICKY BLOOD or HUGHES SYNDROME; mimics MS symptoms; even has lesions.



If you fill in this PIP self assessment you can see how many points you will score;

Remember to answer the questions on how you feel on your worst days, not the best that you feel.

If you don’t get the points you think you are entitled to you have the right to request a reconsideration;