Pip appeal after reconsideration

Hi all I know there has been a lot of topics on pip on here but I wondered if anyone has been down the appeal road,got my reconsideration letter back yesterday so upset with it all,still no award. The letter goes into more detail about why they feel I don’t meet the requirements,I scored 6 on daily and 0 on the moving and getting around,I disagree with both. I’m so angry with the atos report they have put bits in which simply are not true and seemed to have played down or made light of the problems I have,well in his opinion for the 45 minutes I was in the room he don’t think I have problems with memory, or cognitive problems I explained how I have good and bad days,the list goes on. I agree I can walk more than 200 metres but I’m not good at planning an unfamiliar journey or taking one on my own as I just get too confused and have trouble holding new information. The whole process has been so stressful as some of you know, it will be 1 year January and part of me just want to give up,if anyone have been down this route it would be great to hear from you X

hi jabby

i will be in the last batch to be put through the PIP mill so i havent done it yet.

i do know that most people get it following appeal.

so be strong and appeal again.

carole x

Thank you pigpen I will do,don’t know if I can face going to the appeal myself,think I will write everything I want to say on paper and have it done that way. All the best when the time comes around for yourself x

I went through a DLA appeal. There was a panel of three, a medical bod ( it was a GP for my appeal), a lay person (somebody with some knowledge/ experience of disabilities) and the chair of the panel (a legal professional). It was a formal process and I had a Union representative with me. The panel were very keen to put me at ease whilst it was a formal procedure, they asked questions on my application and the evidence that I had put forward, which was difficult in so far as the original application was over two years previously. The panel didn’t uphold my appeal but they strongly urged me to put a new PIP claim in, which I did and got higher rate care component and lower rate mobility. I think it is a good idea to write all your evidence down, the panel can ask what can be quite tricky questions for example how you shop and how do you manage walking around a super market. How far did you walk to get to the appeal and how did you travel to get to the appeal. I did have a friend who works in welfare rights helping me with the application which really helped. I was in the appeal for around 2 hours which was tiring but I think that the panel treated me fairly, although I heard that different panel members can be very different in how they handle the appeal. If you feel that your case is strong ( for the PIP application I did my own self assessment so I was reasonably confident in the evidence I had to support my application), then you must question the decision and ultimately put in the appeal. Good luck


Although I am I’m a wheelchair incontinent zero walking etc etc I fear all these changes to PIP and worry about having interviews etc. I get all nervous and it makes me worse. I hope I don’t have to have a review. But also know Murphy’s law means if it can happen it will.


Planning a journey they based on mental health, and you will need medical evidence for this, I only won standard rates on reconsideration but going for high rate because I can’t even walk 20 meters at the moment if your going to appeal I would get help, fightback4justice are good you can find them on facebook.

they helped me get support group with ESA, check it out.